Cost Transfer Workflow Tool

The cost transfer tool is a web-based form and routing system used to process both salary and non-salary cost transfers.

It includes a work flow from the Initiator to the Dean or Director’s administrative unit before the transfer is processed into the Shared Financial System.  For transfers involving sponsored projects (fund 144 or 133), there is an additional work flow approval in Research and Sponsored Programs. Access to the new tool is available to any user with a Net ID with the exception of undergraduate students.

We believe you will find this tool to be convenient and useful.  However, please keep in mind that it is better to determine the funding of a transaction correctly prior to its initial posting; rather than to process cost transfers to move charges after the initial posting.  Tools such as the US Bank Access Online  and Pre-posting allocation tool (PAT) for Shop@UW and DoIT charges are encouraged as proactive alternatives to the Cost Transfer Work Flow Tool.

If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please contact us at

Non-Salary Cost Transfer Form

There are some unique circumstances where you will need to use the paper form, which requires extra workflows and approvals.  Send the completed forms to

Non-Salary Cost Transfer Form

Instructions for Cost Transfer Request (Non Salary) Non-Grant–any fund except 133 and 144

Logging Into the Cost Transfer Workflow Tool

Users may log into the tool in several ways, please use what is most convenient for you:

1. Login through MyUW (using your NetID Login) and choose the Services tab, and then use the first link in the Employee Financial Resources module (as seen below).


2. Login through the direct link to the tool at: (using your NetID Login)

3. Enter the Cost Transfer Workflow Tool through the e-mail notification – (requires NetID Login)

Please note that everyone with a NetID EXCEPT for undergraduate students will be able to access the tool at this time.

Exceptions to Using the Cost Transfer Workflow Tool

Paper Cost Transfer forms will be phased out in early May 2011 and users are encouraged to begin using the Cost Transfer Workflow Tool.

There are 2 exceptions to the use of this tool:

  1. The Cost Transfer Workflow Tool will only work for transactions from FY2007 to the present. Paper forms can be used for transactions predating FY 2007.
  2. Summary Lump Sum Transfers must be done using Journal Entry Tool (JET) and Non-Salary Cost Transfer Journals (JRT).