Travel Exemption Requests

University leadership has determined the current ban for University travel be extended indefinitely, and no University travel can be booked regardless of the dates of travel.  Travel can be canceled by contacting a Consultant at Travel Inc. 877-811-9898.  Employees who want to request an exemption to the travel ban, must submit a request using the Essential Travel form to be approved by your Dean or Vice Chancellor.  The approved form should be forwarded to Dan Langer in Business Services ( for final campus approval.  If approved, the travel can be booked by contacting a Consultant at Travel Inc. 877-811-9898.  Prior to requesting an exemption, please review the language below for what is considered essential travel outside of the State for UW-Madison at this time:

  • For purposes of this interim guidance, essential travel is defined as supporting activities that support, further, or execute research or clinical operations specific to human health and medical outcomes, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person.

For questions related to the essential travel exemption request process please contact Rusty Haines at