Payment to Individual Report

The Payment to Individual Report (PIR) is used to request all payments to individual non-employees.

Use this form to request all payments to individual non-employees.

When to use the Payment to Individual Report (PIR) Form

Payments to individuals are typically used for one-time non-repetitive payments to entertainers, instructors, speakers, and consultants.

The Payment to Individual Report form is used to request payments to individuals except salaries, employee reimbursements and payment to sub-contractors when an employee/employer relationship does not exist.

The following are acceptable uses for this form:

  • Prizes and Awards (Note: payments related to a person’s employment with the university should be made through payroll)
  • Research Subjects

You are strongly encouraged to submit a purchase requisition and use a PO for services. PIRs over $5,000 may be reviewed by Purchasing.

The following criteria must be followed:

  • Submit only one payment per PIR form.
  • UW–Madison requires a completed and signed form W-9 or W-8BEN be on file in Disbursements for all payments.
  • Non-U.S. Source Income payments are exempt from tax withholding and reporting. Details on what constitutes Non-U.S. Source Income payments can be found on the Federal Tax Withholding webpage under the section on Non-U.S. Source Income. A W-8BEN must be on file in Disbursements.
  • Review Non-Resident Alien Required Documents (PDF) to ensure all appropriate documents are included with PIR. (Sensitive documents will be removed after department approvals have been completed.)
  • Please complete the Non-Resident Alien Payment Worksheet (Excel) to determine withholding amount, if any, and attach a copy to the PIR.

Access PIR Form in ShopUW+

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Finding the Payment to Individual Report Form in ShopUW+

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