102 Exceptional Expenditures Using 133/144 Funds Policy

Policy: 102-Exceptional Expenditures Using 133/144 Funds
08/11/03 (Updated June 21, 2013)

Statement of Policy:

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP), in partnership with Accounting Services, have issued the following policy for all division/departments to follow when they have 133/144 funded grants that may include language that permits exceptional expenditures that are not covered by State/University policies or exceed costs allowed within State/University policies.

If you have a grant that may permit costs that are not covered by State/University policy and you believe that the expenditure should be paid through the University, please contact the appropriate RSP Team Leader to discuss the particular circumstances of the transaction prior to making the commitment. RSP will review the terms and conditions of the grant and, if covered, will issue a prior approval memo or email that can be used to pay for the expenditure through normal UW processing. If you are seeking a blanket approval for a series of transactions, please note that in your request to the appropriate RSP team leader.

The approval memo or email should be attached to the requisition, invoice, travel expense report, employee reimbursement, payment to individual report or purchasing card log for each transaction.

This process takes the place of the former UW System cost waiver agreement form. The UW System cost waiver agreement form is no longer available because it’s not required when following the appropriate UW Madison Purchasing/Accounting policies.

Although these exceptions rarely occur, following this process should prevent delays in future transaction processing.

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Who should know this policy?

Deans, Directors, and Staff dealing with expenditures using 133/144 funds

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