3024.6 How to Update Approver and Auditor Roles in e-Reimbursement Procedure

How to Update Approver and Auditor Roles in e-Reimbursement Procedure
Procedure # 3024.6
Rev.: 1
Effective Date: May 8, 2017

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Related Policy: UW-3024 Expense Reimbursement Policy
Functional Owner: Accounting Services, Division of Business Services
Contact: Expense Reimbursement Program Manager – Graig Brooks (608) 262-8691


I. Procedure Statement
II. Who is Affected by this Procedure
III. Procedure
IV. Contact Roles and Responsibilities
V. Definitions
VI. Related References
VII. Revisions

I. Procedure Statement

Expense Reimbursements are routed for approval based on the department code used in the funding string(s).  Division Coordinators request updates to the approval matrix as needed.

II. Who is Affected by This Procedure

e-Reimbursement Approvers and Auditors; Division Coordinators

III.   Procedure

A. Requesting an Approval Matrix: Division Coordinators may request a complete listing of the Approvers, Auditors and Backup Auditors from Accounting Services by emailing expensereimbursement@bussvc.wisc.edu.  Include all six-digit department code ranges for those you are requesting (e.g. “Please send me an updated approval matrix for 48xxxx”).


B. Requesting an Update to the Approval Matrix: return the approval matrix spreadsheet to expensereimbursement@bussvc.wisc.edu noting which changes are to be made.  All requests must be made by a Division Coordinator.


C. Guidelines for Approval Roles: Employees serving in any approval role must have taken Expense Reimbursement for Approvers/Auditors – Beginner Level training.

  1. Approvers
    1. Approvers are pooled. Multiple Approvers can be added to the same department range and e-Reimbursement will require only one of them to approve an Expense Report.
    2. There is no Backup Approver role. Employees may serve as a backup Approver functionally, but their approval assignment will be no different than a primary Approver.
  2. Auditors: Auditors are not pooled.  If multiple Auditors are setup for the same department, Expense Reimbursements for that department will require all assigned Auditors’ approval.
  3. Backup Auditors
    1. Backup Auditors receive no automated workflow. They only receive workflow which has been manually routed.
    2. The Backup Auditor matrix serves as a guide for Accounting Services to route Expense Reports for which the primary Auditor cannot serve (e.g. the primary Auditor served as the Alternate on the Expense Report).
    3. The Backup Auditor role can be used for any employee who doesn’t receive automated workflow, but who has taken Expense Reimbursement training and may serve in any approval role on a sporadic basis.

IV. Contact Roles and Responsibilities

A. Approver: Upon submission, Expense Reimbursements are first reviewed by an Approver. Approvers are responsible for reviewing supporting documentation, reviewing Expense Reimbursements for policy compliance, and reviewing funding being charged.

B. Auditor: Expense Reimbursements are reviewed by an Auditor after the Approver. Auditors are responsible for reviewing Expense Reimbursements for policy compliance.

C. Division Coordinator: responsible for submitting approval matrix update requests.

V. Definitions

A. Approval Matrix: the full list of all Approvers, Auditors and Backup Auditors for a specified department range.

VI. Related References

VII.  Revisions

Procedure Number 3024.6
Date Approved May 8, 2017
Revision Dates 01/19/21 – Updated Procedure Number to 3024.6 from 320.6