312.1 Making Lodging Reservations Procedure

Procedure # 312.1
Effective Date:

Related Policy: 312 Lodging
Functional Owner: Accounting Services, Division of Business Services
Contact: Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions.  Divisional Business Offices may contact uwtravel@bussvc.wisc.edu with questions.


I. Procedure Statement
II. Who is Affected by this Procedure
III. Procedure
IV. Contact Roles and Responsibilities
V. Definitions
VI. Related References
VII. Revisions

I. Procedure Statement

The University has contracts with various lodging providers in top travel destinations, including within Wisconsin.  University contract rates, which provide opportunities for savings, are only offered within Concur or directly with Fox World Travel agents.  Travelers and travel arrangers are encouraged to take advantage of the contract rates when available at the location of travel.  Procedures for making lodging reservations via University preferred methods are outlined below.

Conference rates are not available in Concur; however, rates found in Concur/Fox World Travel may be less than conference rates. Travelers and travel arrangers are expected to search Concur/Fox World Travel for their conference hotel(s) prior to finalizing lodging arrangements. Alternatively, travelers and travel arrangers must contact the lodging facility directly or utilize the conference/event link to obtain the conference rate.

Note: This process guarantees a hotel room with the payment mechanism provided, but does not authorize the hotel to charge the credit card used for the reservation.  To authorize a hotel to charge a purchasing card when the card will not be present at check-in, purchasing cardholders may reference Procedure 312.3 – Authorizing a Hotel Payment on a Purchasing Card.

II. Who is Affected by This Procedure

Faculty, staff, students and non-employees traveling or arranging travel using funds and/or resources administered by the University.

III.   Procedure

  1. Making a Lodging Reservation in Concur: Follow the below instructions to make a lodging reservation or obtain a cost comparison in Concur:
    1. Sign into Concur. If you do not have a Concur profile, see Procedure 310.3 – Obtaining Concur Access.
    2. Click the Hotel Search icon in the Trip Search
    3. Use the search criteria to define your search by dates of stay and location. Click Search.
    4. Review the Special UW Notes section for current information and policy requirements.
    5. Scroll down below the location map and review the available rooms. Locations exceeding the location maximum appear with a warning icon.  These locations may not be reserved without a documented justification (e.g. conference hotel, no compliant facilities available in the immediate area).  Locations under contract with the University are indicated as “Most Preferred Hotels.”  Travelers are not required to select these locations over others within the location maximum.Making a Lodging Reservation in Concur: Follow the below instructions to make a lodging reservation or obtain a cost comparison in Concur:Note: If obtaining a cost comparison, take a screen shot of the search criteria and available rooms, and do not proceed to the next step.  Retain the cost comparison with the payment mechanism.
    6. Select the desired location by clicking View Rooms. Review the available rooms.
    7. Before selecting a room option, click the Rules and cancellation policy Ensure the rate does not require prepayment and that the reservation can be cancelled.
    8. Select the desired room by clicking the rate button.
    9. Review the room reservation, enter hotel preferences and guest information and select a method of payment. Review the rate details and cancellation policy, check the box next to I agree to the hotel’s rate rules, restrictions, and cancellation policy, and click Reserve Hotel and Continue.
    10. Review the details of your reservation for accuracy. Click Change to modify the reservation.  Click Cancel to cancel the reservation.  Click “Next” to proceed.
    11. The Trip Booking page allows users to name the trip and provide a trip description for easy identification in the trip library. Click “Next” once trip information has been entered.
    12. Click “Confirm Booking” to finalize the confirmation.
    13. Upon completion, the user will see a confirmation screen that can be printed for their records. The user will also receive an e-itinerary via email from Fox World Travel within an hour.
  1. Making a Lodging Reservation with a Fox World Travel Agent: To make a lodging reservation or obtain a cost comparison with a Fox World Travel agent, call (866) 230-8787 (toll free) or (920) 230-6467.

IV. Contact Roles and Responsibilities

A. Traveler/Travel Arrangers:

  • Understand and comply with University travel procurement and payment policies.
  • Review allowable maximums prior to making lodging reservations.
  • Retain all required receipts to be submitted with payment mechanism (e.g. Purchasing Card Statement, Expense Reimbursement claim).

V. Definitions

A. Concur: Web-based travel booking tool utilized by the University of Wisconsin for purchasing airfare and reserving lodging and/or vehicles.

B. Cost Comparison: Supporting documentation required with a payment mechanism (e.g. purchasing card, expense reimbursement claim) to justify exceeding a location maximum for lodging.

C. Fox World Travel: The University of Wisconsin’s contracted travel agency.

D. Lodging Maximum: The highest amount the University will pay or reimburse per night of lodging in relation to overnight business travel.

E. Most Preferred Hotels: Hotel properties in which a contract exists between the hotel and the University of Wisconsin System. Use of these properties is preferred, but not required.

VI. Related References

VII.  Revisions

Procedure Number: 312.1
Date Approved: May 8, 2017
Revision Dates: