PPP21 Continuing Order Requisitions (CORs)

Effective 8/13/07
Replaces 8/29/00


Continuing Order Requisitions and a corresponding summary report for all external blanket, contract and maintenance agreement orders will be generated and distributed every month and June 30 fiscal year ending date).


To insure continuity of an existing blanket-type order, CORs should be edited, signed and processed as soon as possible. This is of particular importance at the end of a fiscal year (May and June).


Questions or assistance regarding the processing of CORs, or if CORs have not been received, contact Purchasing Services at 262-1526.


Purchasing Services will automatically generate CORs on a monthly and fiscal yearend basis in an effort to reduce clerical and administrative effort necessary to renew blanket type requisitions. CORs eliminate having to type an entirely new requisition.

4.1 If an order is NOT to be renewed, destroy the COR. Any blank COR form should be discarded. If an order is to be renewed, complete steps 4.2 through 4.6 below.

4.2 Make any edits/additions to a COR in RED ink. Carefully check and update the preprinted funding line (especially fund, account and class code).

4.2.1 Fill in the appropriate dollar amount to be encumbered. Be sure to change the preprinted dollar amount in the body of the COR, if necessary. If a COR shows zero dollars it means the order was cancelled during the past fiscal year; please verify the need for this order.

4.2.2 Insert specified time period you wish the order to be in effect (may not exceed funding expiration date or one year, whichever is less).

4.2.3 Check preprinted information for accuracy (specified vendor, deliver to address, call for information name and phone number, and item description). NOTE: The commodity must be clearly identified in the description area of the COR; specify the type of service or supply (e.g., office supplies, medical supplies; maintenance service). Services and supplies CANNOT be requested on the same COR. Purchasing Services will request clarification from the department contact person if the commodity is not properly identified. If additional space is needed, attach a list indicating the COR order number and staple to the COR.

4.3 Obtain appropriate signatures and route through appropriate channels. The department should make photocopies of the edited CORs as needed for their files. Cut the COR sheets on the dashed lines (each COR is a separate requisition).

4.4 Forward the original signature/approved CORs to your Dean’s Office for 3270 entry. The Dean’s Office may make copies for their files. The Dean’s Office should then forward the CORs as follows:

4.4.1 Funds 144 and 133 WITH class codes 3212 (maintenance), 3172-3176 (rental & leases), 3221-3228 (services) or 4000 (capital equipment) ONLY are to be sent to: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP), 21 N Park Street Suite 6401 for review/approval. RSP will forward these to Purchasing.

4.4.2 All other CORs are sent to Purchasing Services, 21 N Park Street Suite 6101.


4.5 The Department is responsible for proof reading copies of the purchase orders generated by the CORs immediately upon receipt. Any errors should be brought to the attention of the purchasing agent who handles the commodity.

4.6 If a COR is not received for a blanket-type order to be continued, a replacement order may be created by preparing a new requisition. New blanket-type orders may be created at any time by processing a new requisition.


PPP #8 – Blanket and Open Vendor Orders
PPP #9 – Contract Blanket Orders, External