PPP23 Contracts, How to Use Them

Effective 4/20/01
Replaces 11/1/94


UW Madison Purchasing Services, UW-System and the Department of Administration develop contracts for the convenience of departments. Departments may order from the contract vendors and forego a competitive process. These contracts also enable the departments to benefit from volume pricing, established minimum quality levels, predetermined terms and an expedited processing of requisitions.


UW-Madison, UW-Systems and the Department of Administration have contracts in place for use by campus departments. Please view the Purchasing Services Contract page for search options and indexes of available contracts.

The published contract includes item description and pricing. Items may be listed with prices or a percentage plus or minus from a price list, or other pricing methodology. Price lists may be attached or you will be required to call the vendor to get pricing. Some contracts may have minimum order quantities. Also please refer to PPP#4 for other procedures that may be necessary prior to processing a requisition.

Complete a requisition as described in the External Requisition Tutorial and obtain required approvals. Include the contract number (bid number) at the bottom of the requisition to further expedite the process.


Please contact the purchasing agent noted on the contract with any questions regarding the contract.


PPP #4 – Special Approvals