Direct Payment Form

Use this form to create a Direct Payment (DP) to individual non-employees who are vendors, companies (including LLCs), institutions, and organizations that provide an invoice.

Download Direct Payment Form (xlsm)

When to use the Direct Payment (DP) Form

Use the Direct Payment (DP) form to make payments when an invoice is provided by the following:

  • Individual non-employee (vendor) (*see criteria about services below)
  • Company (including LLCs)
  • Institution (Do not use the DP form to pay UW-Madison departments.)
  • Organization

The following criteria must be followed:

  • Submit only one invoice per DP form.
  • Best judgment purchases ($5,000 or less) must comply with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s purchasing policies and procedures, accounting policies and procedures, and with extramural funding agency restrictions; reference “Purchasing Policy & Procedure (PPP) #4 – Special Approvals”.
  • Effective January 1, 2010, UW-Madison requires that a completed and signed form W-9 (or W-8BEN-E for Foreign Businesses) be attached to all tax-reportable payments requested on Direct Payments (DP).
  • Non-U.S. Source Income payments are exempt from tax withholding and reporting.  For details on what constitutes Non-U.S. Source Income payments please refer to Federal Tax Withholding under the section on Non-U.S. Source Income.
  • Additional SFS Account code information is available on our Codes guide.
  • Receipt Requirements are included in each individual Travel policy on our Policies and Procedures page

When not to use the Direct Payment Form

  • Payments to individual non-employees for services, payments to human research subjects and payments on entertainment contracts must be done on the Payment to Individual Report (PIR).
  • Reimbursement for travel and expenses to individuals (employees and non-employees) must be done through the e-Reimbursement system.
  • Use Purchasing Card guidelines for acceptable and non acceptable purchases.

Printing the Form

There are many versions of Excel on campus. The form has been developed to print on one page. If you are having problems printing, on the Excel tool bar, select File, then Page Set Up. This will open a dialog box for you to select “Fit to 1 page”. If this solution does not work, please contact your IT support person for further assistance.


Questions regarding this form should be directed to Juli Beard.