PPP18 Disposal of Surplus University Property

Effective 01/16/14
Replaces 4/21/08


Purchasing Services has the SOLE authority for disposal of surplus and abondoned property at UW-Madison, other than titled and licensed vehicles which are handled by the Department of Administration (refer to PPP 17). Purchasing Services is responsible for the timely disposal of surplus property at a fair market value for the benefit of UW-Madison. When possible all surplus property sales are conducted at the SWAP Warehouse, at 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail, Verona, Wisconsin. Surplus Property sold by SWAP is sold, as is, without warranty, payment on delivery, FOB our warehouse. All sales of are final. Campus departments and Local State Agencies may arrange for delivery of large equipment or purchases, for a fee at time of purchase.
Personal computers are sold without installed operating systems or applications software due to software license restrictions. All personal computers offered for sale are tested and in operating condition when sold. Customers prior to purchase may use test software provided by SWAP staff to examine personal computers.

Customer purchases that are not removed from SWAP at the time of purchase, must be removed no later than 4PM of the following Tuesday. Items that are not picked up by 4PM of the following Tuesday, will be resold. No refunds or credits will be given for items that were not picked up.


University departments are NOT authorized to trade in or dispose of state property to persons or organizations outside UW- Madison without Purchasing Services approval.

For information on the disposal of hazardous materials or animals (live or dead), please contact the Safety Department at 262-8769.


3.1 Trade In:

3.1.1 Departments wishing to make a trade in against a purchase must contact the Purchasing Agent for that commodity. The agent will require the information on the Surplus Property Evaluation Form, so it is advisable for Departments to fill this form out prior to contacting the Purchasing Agent.

3.2 Disposal of Surplus Property:

3.2.1 Prepare the Surplus Property Pick-Up Request Form listing surplus item(s). Send the form to SWAP, 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail, Verona WI. 53593 and SWAP will arrange pick up OR call SWAP at 497-4440 to arrange a time for pick up of the item(s).

3.3 Donations of UW/State Property:

3.3.1 Donations to non-profit corporations or organizations must be advertised; such as in a newspaper of general circulation, internet announcement or bulletin board posting; and the donation must occur in a competitive manner.  No single non-profit corporation or organization may be singled out for donation.  Verification of non-profit status may be required.

3.4 Abandoned Property: Items that are not owned by the State or UW Madison that are left on UW Madison property may be disposed of by SWAP using normal surplus methods and providing proper attempts to notify the owner or proper UW Madison Police Abandoned Property procedures have been followed for that property.

3.5 In most cases, SWAP will determine the value of property to be sold. In the case of specialized equipment, SWAP staff may consult with department personnel in determining pricing.

3.6 Departments receive the net proceeds of the sale after the SWAP Revenue Sharing Rate is deducted. Credit will be made directly to the departments established Materials Distribution Services (MDS) account. If you currently do not have an MDS account, you may establish one by contacting MDS customer service. An example of how credits are calculated is available as an excel file.


4.1 Sales for UW-Madison departments, other UW System institutions, State Agencies, and non-profit organizations:

Sales are held every Thursday, 8AM to 4PM. If unable to attend a Thursday sale, University and Government Customers may make an appointment to view and purchase surplused items Monday through Wednesday during regular business hours.  Arrangements for an appointment can be made via the SWAP website.  Purchases will be charged to your established MDS account.

If you are unable to pick up your purchases, SWAP will deliver surplus property sold to UW-Madison departments and State Agencies in the Madison area. A $50 fee will be charged for all deliveries. An additional $50 fee will be charged for beyond the dock deliveries. Arrangements for delivery can be made at the time of purchase or by calling 497-4440.

4.2 Public Sales

Public sales are scheduled every Tuesday, 8AM to 4:00PM and Friday, 8AM to 2:00PM. A public sale is also conducted every 2nd Saturday of every month from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Unless a Wisconsin Sales Tax Exemption number is presented, the sale is subject to state and county sales taxes.

5. Visit the SWAP website for information on what is currently available at SWAP.

Appendix 1 – Surplus Property Evaluation
Appendix 2 – Surplus Property Pick-up Request
Appendix 3 – SWAP Revenue Sharing Rate
Appendix 4 – Example SWAP Credit Calculation