PPP04 Exceptions/ Approvals/ Special Handling

Effective 03/18/15
Replaces 09/23/14


To comply with University administrative policies, various state statutes, and federal regulations, UW-Madison departments must obtain prior approvals and/or fill out required forms for the products/services listed below. Purchasing Services and delegated purchasing departments cannot issue a purchase order until such special approvals and/or forms are obtained, regardless of dollar amount.

SPECIAL APPROVAL REQUIREMENT INDEX: (Find corresponding numbers identified in procedures)

3.1 Americans with Disabilities Act/Assistive Listening Devices Requirements (ALD/ALD Requirements)
3.2 Air Charter
3.3 Alcohol (Beverages and Research)
3.4 Audio Visual Equipment Installation
3.5 Computer Equipment and Software
3.6 Computer Software License Agreement
3.7 Controlled Substances
3.8 Drones and UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle)
3.9 Fireworks
3.10 Furniture Items
3.11 Graphic Equipment
3.12 Importing or Exporting Goods and Services (see also PPP20)
3.13 Insurance Coverage
3.14 Leasing of Facilities by Student Organizations
3.15 Legal Services
3.16 Motor Vehicles (see also PPP17)
3.17 Omnibus Reconciliation Act — Medicaid/Medicare Funding
3.18 Printing (see also PPP5)
3.19 Radioactive Materials
3.20 Stable Isotopes
3.21 Telecommunications Equipment
3.22 Temporary Help
3.23 Trademarks & Logo
3.24 Weapons
3.25 On-Site Freezer/Refrigerator/Cabinet Stock Programs
3.26 Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Necropsy Tables or other Ventilated Enclosures.

4.0 Remodeling of Campus Facilities (Facilities Planning Management Requirements)


Read and follow the special approval procedures contained in this document prior to issuing a requisition for any of the commodities or services listed in section 1.


Purchasing Services will request additional information from the department when a requisition is received without the necessary form or prior approval. The requisition is held from further processing until the department provides the required approval and/or completed form.

3.1 Americans with Disabilities Act/Assistive Listening Devices Requirements (ALD/ALD Requirements) All department users submitting requisitions must consider the effect the purchase of the commodity or service would have on individuals covered under the ADA. Examples of purchases involved would include signage, construction or remodeling of facilities, addition or placement of computer or audio visual equipment and any service contract where individuals covered under the ADA would have limited access to or would be effected in any manner by the facilities or equipment involved. Contact for ADA and ALD questions: top.tantivivat@wisc.edu

3.2 Air Charter All Air Charter services that require a plane(s) 8-passenger or less must be purchased from DOA’s Wisconsin Air Services. They fly 24 hours per day/7 days per week at very competitive prices.

The Department of Administration requires UW Madison Travel Manager and Dean/Director prior approval before reserving charter air services from our contract provider, Wisconsin Air Services.

We have developed a form and instructions to gain prior approval before booking with WAS. The instructions and form are now on our web site at:

3.3 Alcohol (Beverages and Research) The purchase of alcoholic beverages is only permitted if they are being purchased for research purposes or are part of a meal at a conference where the cost of the beverage is included in the conference fee.

If a department desires to purchase alcoholic beverages for research purposes, the researcher must submit a request, signed by the Dean, stating the purpose of the research, prior to the purchase. The request should be sent to Purchasing Services for approval. Once approval has been received, a contract blanket order or a specific order may be generated for the purchases. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from current UW-Madison contract vendors. See

http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/purch/contract/wp5109.html for a list of current vendors.

It is allowable for the University to pay for wine and beer to be served with a dinner included at the conference where these costs are included in the participant fee for the conference. No hard liquor may be purchased, to be served with dinner. For receptions, no alcoholic beverages may be purchased. The entire revised text of the Travel Regulations may be accessed at http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/acct/policy/meetcon/meetcon.html

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at (608) 262-1526.

Research Alcohol: Pure 190 and 200 proof alcohol (for research use only) must be ordered through Shop@UW. Shop@UW has the federal license and permits required to purchase, deliver and transport this commodity. See website: https://shopuw.wisc.edu/

CONTACT: Shop@UW at (608) 497-4400

3.4 Audio Visual Equipment Installation

3.5 Computer Equipment and Software Information Technology Review (ITR) forms are required for any purchase or upgrade of an administrative mainframe or a major application purchase totaling $250,000.00 or more. An ITR form must be completed, signed and included with your requisitions.

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at (608) 262-1526.

3.6 Computer Software License Agreement All software license agreements or other similar contracts that are signed on behalf of the University are signed by a Purchasing Services or delegated department agent. (An unauthorized signer assumes personal responsibility for damage claims that may arise.) The department person responsible for the day-to-day use of the software must submit a completed Contract Compliance Commitment Letter with the requisition when the vendor requires a license agreement to be signed.

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at 262-1526.

3.7 Controlled Substances (narcotics and dangerous drugs) Persons needing to use a controlled substance (Schedule I, II, III, or IV) for purposes of scientific research, instructional activity, or chemical analysis must be registered with the State Controlled Substances Board and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. This excludes the activities of licensed medical, veterinary and pharmacy professionals who are permitted by license in the course of professional practice in this state. Requisitions submitted to Purchasing Services must have the DEA registration number and a completed DEA 222 form attached. Refer to PPP25 for definition.

The DEA Controlled substance order form (DEA 222) for schedule 1 and 2 controlled substances may be ordered using the following link: https://apps.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/webforms/orderFormsRequest.jsp

The DEA 222 Order Forms may also be ordered by calling the DEA Headquarters Registration Unit toll free at 1-800-882-9539 or the nearest DEA Registration Field Office. The forms will be mailed within 3 working days.

CONTACT(S): Drug Enforcement Administration:
Chicago IL. (312) 353-7875
Milwaukee WI. (414) 336-7300.
Madison WI. (608) 264-5111.
Purchasing Services at (608)-262-4562.

3.8 Drones and UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle) A drone is defined as: a small aircraft, without a pilot on board, that is controlled remotely by an operator on the ground. Also known as a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or UAS (unmanned aircraft system).

Drone services are defined as: any work that is performed by an outside entity to operate a drone for the University, whether the drone is owned by the University or the hired entity.

A link to the University policy can be found here: https://research.wisc.edu/uw-madison-uas-use/

Additional information on FAA regulations on Drones and UAV’s can be found at the Federal Aviation Administration website.

3.9 Fireworks Pyrotechnics (fireworks) display in any UW facility, on UW property, or at any UW sponsored event require permission from the Vice Chancellor of Administration’s office. The Vice Chancellor’s letter of approval https://vc.wiscweb.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/245/2017/10/PyrotechnicsForm.pdf must be attached to your requisition to purchase pyrotechnics. Building managers are not authorized to give permission for the use of pyrotechnics in any of their assigned building responsibilities. To check for contract information regarding vendor for pyrotechnics: https://businessservices.wisc.edu/about/purchasing-services/

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at 608-262-1526, Vice Chancellors office at 608-263-2509.

3.10 Furniture Items UW-Madison is required to purchase furniture items listed below from Badger State Industries (BSI),  unless BSI cannot provide the item being purchased or cannot provide the item at a price eequal to or lower than a price for similar product on the market.  When purchasing from BSI, the customer should use the referenced contract number (listed below) on their requisition. BSI must be considered and customers must either review BSI’s offerings at BUYBSI.com or review with BSI sales people the items being purchased. If the department selects a different vendor other than BSI, product specifications and justification as to why BSI’s product does not meet the customer’s needs must be attached to the requisition. If necessary and as required by the Department of Administration (DOA) contract, a release number will be requested from DOA through the purchasing agent.   Purchases from another vendor will not be issued without proper procedures being followed.

505ENT-M15-BSI OFFURN-01 Badger State Industries (BSI) contract for Statewide Office Furniture. Includes systems furniture and accessories, seating, desks/tables, filing (metal storage and wood case goods), computer furniture and accessories.

505ENT-M15-OFFURNITUR-00 Department of Administration (DOA) contract for Statewide Office Furniture. Includes systems furniture and accessories, seating, desks/tables, filing (metal storage and wood case goods).

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at 608-262-5321.

3.11 Graphic Reproduction Equipment  The purchase or lease of photocopiers, printers, proofing equipment, prepress equipment, and CTP (computer to plate) equipment over $50,000 (outright purchase or total of all lease payments over the full term) must be approved by the UW Print Review Committee, and the Department of Administration (DOA), State Bureau of Procurement. Equipment being purchased or leased from a current statewide contract is exempt from this requirement (Pro-D-5).

Contact the appropriate purchasing agent for further information (https://businessservices.wisc.edu/about/purchasing-services/).  Purchasing Services will consult with the department on the application, and forward it to the UW Print Review Committee and to DOA.

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at (608) 262-1526.

3.12 Importing or Exporting Goods and Services (Refer to PPP # 20) All state, federal, and customs laws and regulations are followed for purchases of products or services from a foreign country for shipment to the United States, purchases in the United States shipped to a foreign country, or for purchases of products or services in a foreign country for use in a foreign country.

3.13 Insurance Coverage: Insurance coverage is required of a vendor when goods are to be installed or services are to be provided by that vendor on University property or on privately owned property that the owner has allowed the University to use. Worker compensation, general liability, and comprehensive auto liability (owned and non-owned) are required as stated in UW-Madison Standard Terms and Conditions. Additional coverage may be required depending on the situation. A Certificate of Insurance will be required of all vendors providing High-Risk services. Examples of High Risk Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Charter
  • Ambulance
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance
  • Remodeling and Construction
  • Childcare
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Hazardous Waste Services
  • Manual Food Services (catering)
  • Medical Services (including optical and laboratory)
  • Recreational Services
  • Transportation and Travel Services (Tour operators and agencies)

Insurance coverage is required for equipment that is offered to the University on an evaluation/trial or loaner basis, or when contracting a lease-to-purchase transaction and in normally provided by the vendor. Depending on the shipping terms, insurance coverage may also be required during shipment of goods purchased. Refer to IPP 12, Appendix 5

3.14 Leasing of Facilities by Student Organizations Sponsored Student Organizations must get approval from their Dean prior to processing a requisition. Refer to PPP14, Signatory

3.15 Legal Services No state agency may employ legal counsel without prior approval of the Governor. CONTACT: Purchasing Services prior to any action at 608-262-1526.

3.16 Motor Vehicles Refer to PPP #17. All motor vehicle acquisitions are approved by the State Department of Administration (DOA) and the Governor. All requests to replace, lease or rent vehicles must go through the college vehicle coordinator, then to the Car Fleet Office, 10 N. Murray St., Madison WI. 53715. CONTACT: Your college vehicle coordinator or Car Fleet Office at 608- 262-1307.

3.17 Omnibus Reconciliation Act–Medicaid/Medicare Funding (over $10,000) Public Law 96-499 (Omnibus Reconciliation Act). Upon receipt of a requisition funded by Medicaid/Medicare, Purchasing Services will determine if the Omnibus Reconciliation Act applies and submit a Public Law 96-499 form to the vendor for signature.

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at 608-262-1526.

3.18 Printing Refer to PPP #5 for internal requisition issued to to Digital Printing & Publishing Services (DP&PS, formerly DoIT Printing) or University Communications Creative Services (formerly UW Publications Office) over $49.99.

CONTACTS: Digital Printing and Publishing Services, (formerly DoIT Printing Services) at 608-263-6739, University Communications Creative Services, (formerly UW Publications) at (608) 262-0948, Purchasing Services at 608-262-1526.

3.19 Radioactive Materials All radioactive materials, whether they be by-product, naturally occurring, or accelerator produced, that are ordered for UW-Madison use are ordered by and delivered to UW Safety Central Ordering, Receiving and Distribution (CORD). Requisitions not ordered through and delivered to CORD will be canceled unless a letter from CORD is attached.

CONTACT: CORD at 608-262-6511.

3.20 Stable Isotopes Non-radioactive Stabe Isotopes purchased from DOE must include a completed Department of Energy form entitled “US Department of Energy Isotope and Technical Service Order”. This form must accompany any requisition requesting product material, technical services, stable isotopes or cyclotron-produced radioisotopes (CORD will actually purchase cyclotron produced isotopes), or related services from the U.S. Department of Energy. If not attached, agent will send a Request for Information (RFI) to department. Forms are available at:

WEBSITE: List of Elements by Stability of Isotopes

ADDITIONAL WEBSITE: CORD Office General Informaiton

CONTACT: U.S. Department of Energy at 865-574-6984.

3.21 Telecommunications Equipment All telephones or telephone systems, cellular phones, etc., are pre-approved by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). A list of pre-approved equipment is available at DoIT. Contact DoIT to purchase items not on the pre-approved equipment list regardless of the dollar amount. For cell phone and service purchases please see How To Obtain A Cell Phone and Cellular Service. Any Telecom equipment with a purchase price of $10,000.00 or more, rentals of $250.00/month or more, and multi-lease agreements require the prior approval of DoIT. An approved Telecommunications Systems Study Report (TSSR) form must be attached to the requisition and is available at:
WEBSITE: http://www.doit.wisc.edu/assets/TSSRForm.pdf

Please contact Neil Mack at 265-9390 to have the form completed and submitted to DOA for approval.

Shop@UW sells telephones from the pre-approved equipment list (see WEBSITE: https://shopuw.wisc.edu/

CONTACT: Division of Information Technology at 608-262-5520 or 262-8874.

Shop@UW at 608-497-4400.

3.22 Temporary Help Any department not using mandatory state temporary help contracts must contact Purchasing Services prior to making any commitment to contract for temporary help regardless of dollar amount. Purchasing Services will require a detailed justification letter from the Department stating why an LTE is not hired and why the normal personnel process is not followed. In all cases of hiring temporary help, Purchasing Services must confer with and obtain approval from the Classified Personnel Office. Classified Personnel Office will notify the appropriate Union. Hiring of Security Guards must have approval of Capitol Police.

CONTACT: Purchasing Services at 608-262-1526 prior to submitting a requisition.

3.23 Trademarks and Logos All products bearing University of Wisconsin registered logos, indicia or trademarks must be purchased from licensed vendors. A list of registered vendors and logos, and forms and instructions for licensing, may be obtained through the Office of Trademark Licensing at 608-265-1152 or 262-0195.

WEBSITE: http://licensing.wisc.edu/

3.24 Weapons All purchases for weapons (handguns are prohibited) must be approved by UW Madison Police Department. Please contact UW Police Dept. at 608- 263-1464 for the appropriate approval forms. These forms must be completed, approved by the UW Madison Police Department and attached to the requisition when sending it to Purchasing for processing.

3.25 On-Site Freezer/Refrigerator/Cabinet Stock Programs Freezer/ Refrigerator/ Cabinet Stock Programs are defined as any arrangement whereby a contracted vendor provides a perpetual inventory of regularly used consumable laboratory supplies off established UW contracts in or near the research area for the convenience of the research staff. Any department wishing to establish or change existing Freezer/Refrigerator/Cabinet Stock Programs must first consult with their building manager, Safety, and Purchasing Services prior to executing any change. All arrangements must be formalized in contract from which must then be signed by an authorized UW signatory authority. In no arrangement can a UW employee profit personally by managing a stock program for a vendor. Please refer to this attached document for more information and best practices.
Please refer to this template freezer program agreement

3.26 Biological Safety Cabinets, Fume Hoods, Necropsy Tables, or other Ventilated enclosures Biological safety cabinets, fume hoods, necropsy tables or other ventilated enclosures for personal, product and environmental protection whether purchased through Purchasing or as part of a building remodeling/construction must have prior approval by Environment Health Safety Department, 608-262-1809 or UW Biological Safety Office, 608-263-2037. See Section 4 for additional requirements.


Prior approval from the Division of Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) is required for any work, including acquisition and installation of equipment, which impacts the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical or security system of a campus building or results in a change in space usage. This approval is required to ensure that the proposed work is a feasible project which complies with campus standards, state codes and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, and that the existing systems can support any new equipment or remodeling. (University Housing and Wisconsin Union facilities are exempt from these procedures.)

Departments are required to submit requests to Campus Renovation Services for review and approval by appropriate FP&M units. This is to ensure proper design and construction, including the preparation of specifications, issuing of purchase orders, coordination of trades, and technical oversight through the course of the project. The department will be asked to do one of the following:

a.) Issue an internal requisition to Campus Renovation Services for implementation of the work by in-house resources or outside vendors.

b.) Prepare an external requisition to an outside vendor or to start the bidding process. In this case, FP&M will provide the department with a special authorization form to accompany the requisition. Such authorization form is required for order processing, including orders against existing contracts and blanket orders.

Architectural Finishes & Interior Design
Carpet and other flooring, Interior design, Signage, Sound control, Window coverings, Wall covering, etc.

Asbestos Removal
Floors and insulation

Electrical Systems
Electrical/power transformers, fire alarm systems, High load electrical equipment (3 phase power requirement or consumption over 3kW), Instrumentation requiring direct wire to building electrical system, Lighting, Facilities wiring.

Mechanical Systems
Air supply and exhaust systems, Autoclaves (sterilizers), Biological safety cabinets, Environmental chambers/coldrooms, Filtered air devices, Ionic Air Purifiers, Fume hoods, Gas systems (nitrogen, oxygen, etc.), Heating and cooling equipment (including window air conditioners.)

Security Systems
Access, Intrusion, Security systems, Alarm Systems

Structural System
Doors/windows – removal, modification or new construction, Exterior modification – including any equipment to be installed on the exterior, Installation of equipment that significantly impacts structural loading of floors, walls and ceilings. Modification to route of egress, demountable walls, Walls/partitions – removal, modification or new construction.

Conversions of space (e.g., changing office space usage to computer lab, etc.) Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)*

CONTACT: Facilities Access/Planning
Phone: 262-8419

CONTACT: Campus Renovation Services
30 N Mills St
Madison WI 53715
Phone: (608) 890-4544 or 265-4226
Email: crsadmin@lists.wisc.edu


PPP #5, Printing Related and Printing Purchases
PPP #14, Signatory Authority (Agreements/Contracts)
PPP #16, Simplified Bid Process
PPP #17, Vehicle Management
PPP #19, Non-Competitive Purchases
PPP #20, Importing or Exporting Goods and Services
PPP #25 Definitions
IPP 12 Insurance, Appendix 5