PPP13 Gift in Kind Transactions

Effective 1/1/19
Replaces 4/9/01


Gift in Kind transactions will be handled using the Accounting Services Gift in Kind Policy and Procedure, not through a $0 purchase order.  A gift must not be contingent on procurement action.  Valuation of the gift for tax purposes is the responsibility of the vendor/donor and may NOT be acknowledged by UW-Madison employees.  A deep discount should be considered a discount given by the vendor toward their bid price, NOT a gift.  If a vendor expresses donative intent regarding a deeply discounted sale, contact Gift Management in Accounting Services for assistance at giftmgt@bussvc.wisc.edu.


  • A Gift in Kind Routing Form with all relevant information pertaining to the gift must be routed through approval channels and on to Gift Management in Accounting Services; 21 N. Park Street Room 6254 or giftmgt@bussvc.wisc.edu.  See the Gifts web page on the Accounting Services web site for specific policy and procedures to be followed:See Gifts
  • If there are any “restrictions” in the proposed documents, contact the Gift Management Accountant at giftmgt@bussvc.wisc.edu for assistance.  Certain language may disqualify gift treatment.
  • A zero dollar requisition for a Gift in Kind will not be processed.  If a zero dollar requisition is received by Purchasing Services it will be canceled by the purchasing agent after notifying the department of the appropriate action required.