How to Handle Unrecognizable Purchasing Card Charges

At the end of each purchasing card cycle, Cardholder Statements are generated in Access Online. As the cardholder, it is your responsibility to follow-up on any unrecognizable transactions that post to your account.  Depending on the transaction that posts, the steps taken may vary. If you discover an unrecognizable transaction on your Cardholder Statement, please do the following:

1) Verify that the purchase was not made by one of your Designated Users. If it was, collect the required documentation from the Designated User and attach it to the statement. If not, proceed to the next step.

2) Determine if you have conducted business with the vendor in the past:

  • If YES: Perhaps the vendor double-billed or over-billed you. Contact the vendor and see if they are willing to rectify the situation. If not, work with your site manager to dispute the transaction via Access Online. Depending on the reason for the dispute, you may be required to sign off on a transaction summary printout from Access Online and send it to the bank. The disputed amount will be credited to your account and US Bank will continue to work with the vendor to resolve the error.
  • If NO:  If you do not recognize the vendor, it is likely that your card was compromised and the transaction is fraudulent. Contact the US Bank Fraud Investigations Unit at (800) 523-9078. The bank will initiate a fraud claim and send out a fraud form that you will need to complete and return to US Bank. The contested amount will be credited back to your account, the account will be closed and a new card will be sent directly to your department address.