How to Notify Cash Management of Outgoing Wire Transfer Payment

  1. Fill out an Outgoing Wire Form.
  2. Attach the completed form to the front of the appropriate expense request document: Direct Payment (DP), Payment to Individual Report (PIR), Purchase Order (PO), or e-Reimbursement. Also include a copy of the invoice and other supporting documentation.
  3. Forward the expense request and other documentation through regular department payment channels for review and to obtain the appropriate approvals.
  4. The approved expense request and supporting documentation should then be forwarded to Accounts Payables to review. Accounts Payable will then forward approved expense requests to be paid by Wire Transfer to Cash Management to process.

Department Costs for Outgoing Wire Transfer and ACH Transactions

Type of Payment Amount of Fee
International Wire Transfer in Foreign Currency $0.00 (No Fee)
International Wire Transfer in US Dollars $16.00
Domestic Wire Transfer in US Dollars $2.25
ACH Payment (Domestic Only)* $0.00 (No Fee)

* Search the vendor in WISER to see if the default payment method is Automated Clearing House (ACH). If this is the default payment method, the Outgoing Wire Form is not necessary. If the vendor payment method is not set to ACH, contact to see if it can be setup

Contact with any questions regarding the forms or to check on the status of your wire transfer payment.