Instructions for Filling out the Scholarship Form

Please follow the instructions below for filling out the scholarship submission spreadsheet provided on this website:

  1. The field lengths provided in the spreadsheet format (see below) are the greatest allowable values. For example, NAME cannot be more than 30 characters.
  2. Fall/Spring item types must begin with 15 or 16. Summer item types must begin with 18. For example: 15010 or 18010.
  3. Please do NOT include more than one Item Type and one Term per Excel file that you upload. Files generated from the Common Scholarship Application (CSA) may allow for more than one Item Type or Term. It is the Department’s responsibility to review the file and as needed split it into multiple files (per Item Type and Term) for upload.
  4. “NAME” must be entered in the spreadsheet format provided below. This will enable searching by last name in WISDM.
  5. Submit the file using the Bursar’s Office Secure Website . Instructions on how to submit the spreadsheet are available here. NOTE: We will not be accepting the file via email.
  6. The “SYS ID” field refers to the ID found in SIS. It typically begins with three zeroes (000). The program will not recognize payroll IDs or campus IDs when uploading scholarships.
  7. The “TERM” field should be filled out using the term code chart on the right of the scholarship form.
  8. The “PROGRAM” field should always be 9 (FINANCIAL AID) and account code should be 5711 (SCHOLARSHIPS/FELLOWSHIPS AID). This is because all scholarships are considered Financial Aid.
  9. Before submitting any upload, please verify all information is correct, including:
    • Verifying citizenship: International students (Non-Resident Alien) must have taxes deducted from their scholarships. Consequently, these scholarships need to be processed through payroll and not by the Bursar’s Office. Please refer to the Accounting Services website for more information: Scholarship Payments to NRAs.
    • Validating all fundings: Please make sure the combination of fund, account code, program code, department, and project are valid for processing via JET. You can perform this test in WISDM at the path below: Main Menu—>Other—>Funding Validation/Inquiry.
    • Verifying enrollment: Students must be enrolled in order to receive a scholarship.


Field Name Maximum Length Sample Data
ITEM TYPE Numeric 15000
SYS ID 10 characters 0004005955
TERM 4 characters 1072
AMOUNT Numeric 750.00
ACCOUNT 4 characters 5711
FUND 3 characters 233
PROGRAM 1 character 9
ORG 6 characters 070620
PROJECT/GRANT 7 characters 233HJ04
NAME 30 characters Doe, John J