Inter-departmental billing

Form and instructions for a UW-Madison department to pay or bill other UW-Madison departments for goods and services.

Download Interdepartmental Billing Form (XLS)

  1. Complete the four required fields in the top section of the form.
    • Prepared By
    • Department Name and #
    • Phone #
    • Billing Details
    • Email Address, Date of Request, and Fiscal Year are optional.
  2. Enter the appropriate coding string in the Debit and Credit sections of the form. Note: Only one line for each coding string is necessary unless you wish to see details in WISDM.
    • 6-digit Dept ID
    • 3-digit Fund
    • 1-digit Program
    • Payments involving projects include a 7-digit Project code
    • 4-digit Account code
    • 5-digit Class (Bldg#) — optional
  3. Fill out the rest of the fields in the main body of the form. These will display in WISDM/WISER.
    • Amount — Enter number as positive (+) for Debit and negative (-) for Credit. Debit the department paying for the good or service and Credit the department receiving funds for the good or service.
    • Description — displays in WISDM (e.g., Copy Charges for October)
      • Do not enter any sensitive information. For example “health insurance payment for Last Name, First Name”.
    • Journal Ref (10 character max) — optional
    • Reference # (10 character max) — optional; some departments use for internal reference number
    • Voucher ID (10 character max) — optional
    • Invoice # (12 character max) — optional; some departments choose to attach an invoice and reference the number
  4. The form is formatted to automatically calculate the Total Debits and Total Credits fields.
    • The amount fields are already formatted to display dollar signs, commas, and plus/minus signs.
      Check to ensure the Total Credits field is a negative (-) number.
  5. If you run out of room, insert more rows.
    • The “Add Debit Row” and “Add Credit Row” buttons are macros and may not function in all versions of Excel for the PC or Mac.
      • Use Insert > Row options from the menu if the buttons do not work.
    • For transactions with many rows, enter line information on the JET JRB Upload Template and include the upload file when submitting the form
  6. Email the form and supporting documentation to Accounting Services at
    • Department submitting form is responsible for records retention of source documentation.
      • Supporting documentation will be attached to the journal and viewable in WISDM. For example an invoice, internal work order, etc.
      • Records retention is the fiscal year of creation + six years.  After that, it can be destroyed.
    • Questions regarding this form can be directed to
  7. Payment is made with a journal entry starting with JRB.