PPP12 Moving/Storage of University Owned Office Furniture/Equipment On/Off Campus

Effective 10/18/00
Replaces 5/1/90


For all moves of UW-Madison owned or employee owned property, the individual or Department requesting the move must insure that proper insurance coverage is in place, that the move is authorized, and that all inventory tracking requirements are met.


A. For moves of personal property to be paid by the UW-Madison, the move must be as a result of a job related requirement and must be approved by the Department, in advance of any contracting of move services. Statute 20.917 (http://www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/statutes.html )

B. For moves of furniture, equipment or office related materials, approval by the Department must be received prior to any contracting of services. Statute 16.72(4) (http://www.legis.state.wi.us/rsb/statutes.html )

C. Moves involving capital equipment/furniture or Government-Owned property in the custody of the UW-Madison require the filing of a Property Transaction form with the Property Control Office.

D. Vendors must provide a Certificate of Insurance as verification of acceptable insurance limits (Department should consult with Risk Management).

E. The University will insure University-owned property while it is in transit, however such property must be listed with the Office of Risk Management. Arrangements to insure personal property must be made by the property owners; the University has no mechanism to insure personally owned property.


The purchase of moving services for University property is subject to the rules established under Chapters 16.705 and 16.72(4)(a) of the Wisconsin Statutes and Chapter 10 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. Employees may be reimbursed for moving some or all of their personal belongings subject to Wisconsin Statute 20.917 and UW-System Financial Policy Paper #19 (FPPP #19).

3.1 For intra-campus small move call Physical Plant Operations Manager (265-5293) or see http://www.fpm.wisc.edu

3.2 For moving contracts call Purchasing Services (262-1147)

3.3 For Property Transaction Form call Property Control (262-5351)

3.4 For chemical or radioactive materials call Safety Department (262-8769) or see http://www.fpm.wisc.edu/safety/