PPP02 New or Renewal Subscriptions

Effective 9/19/12
Replaces 11/15/00


New or renewal subscriptions to magazines, journals, and periodicals can be processed either by direct payment, requisition or P-card. Departments that have purchasing cards can use them to renew existing subscriptions.


New or renewal subscription order forms from the vendor are required for the Direct Payment Procedure. Procedures are available at https://businessservices.wisc.edu/making-payments/


Requisitions are required if you do not have a new or renewal subscription order form. If issuing a FOR PAYMENT requisition, a verbal price quote should be documented. Indicate the COMPLETE NAME AND PHONE NUMBER of the person who gave the quote and the date in the description of the requisition.

3.1 Make certain the VENDOR NAME and ADDRESS, including the ZIP+4 digits, is correct. Provide a complete SHIP-TO address: Department name, c/o person, building room number, street address, city, state and ZIP+4.

3.2 Be sure to include the full name of the departmental contact person, area code plus the 7 digit telephone number.

3.3 State whether this is a renewal or new and the time period on the face of the requisition. Specify the name of the journal, magazine, etc. in the body of the requisition.