PPP28 Newspaper Advertising

Effective 8/14/07
Replaces 1/8/02

Newspaper Advertising

The State of Wisconsin-Department of Administration and UW-Madison have contracts in place with various newspapers. These contracts offer pricing discounts and various methods for ordering advertising. These contracts also offer Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) vendors that can be used for advertising by UW-Madison and other State Agencies. UW-Madison Departments may advertise in publications not covered by this contract, as long as established procurement procedures are followed. (See PPP3).

2. ORDERING AND PAYMENT PROCEDURES: The vendors on the State contract accept various means of ordering and payment. These include suborders placed against Contract Blanket Orders, payments by Purchasing Card, or payment by direct billing. Appendix A lists the methods of ordering/payment by Vendor.

3. SUB-ORDER FORMS: Sub-order forms are used by some of the vendors. Some Vendors require them before accepting orders. These forms are unique to each vendor and should be requested directly from them. Departmental unique sub-order forms may be developed, but must be approved by the Vendor you are dealing with.

4. PUBLICATION DEADLINES: Departments must adhere to each newspaper’s publication schedule. Shorter lead times are subject to approval by the newspaper on a case-by-case basis. Publication deadlines for each newspaper are available by contacting the vendor representative identified. These deadlines may vary from time to time, particularly during holiday periods. You should call ahead to verify deadlines for time-sensitive advertisements.

5. CURRENT RATES: Contact the Vendor’s Representative to obtain current rate cards (advertising rates) to assist in your decision-making.

6. Vendor Detail:
* = Minority Business Enterprise

The Chronicle*
PO Box 133
Beloit WI 53511-3659
Eugene Relerford
tel: 608.363.9110
fax: 608.363.6555
fraggle142@aol.com or fraggle142@sbcglobal.net
Does not accept the purchasing card.

Madison Newspapers Inc (Wisconsin State Journal / The Capital Times)
PO Box 8056
Madison WI 53708-8056
Sheryl Barry
                        Employment Sales Manager

Capital Newspapers l Madison.com l Monster
1901 Fish Hatchery Road l Madison, Wisconsin 53713
P: 608-252-6379 l F: 608-252-6028
Email: sbarry@madison.com

The State purchasing card is accepted. For Classified Advertising only, UW-Madison customers should contact Sheryl Wheeler with the UW-Madison funding line that will be used for billing for the advertisement placed.

Milwaukee Community Journal*
3612 N Martin Luther King Dr
Milwaukee WI 53212-4198

Josephine Joki
tel: 414.265.5300
fax: 414.265.1536

Does not accept the purchasing card.

The Milwaukee Courier/The Milwaukee Star*
PO Box 06279
Milwaukee WI 53206-0279

Faithe Colas
Tel : 414.449.4860
fax: 414.449.4872

Does not accept the purchasing card.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
PO Box 661
Milwaukee WI 53201-0661

Jonathan Granger | Account Executive, Recruitment Sales

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
                p.   414.224.2828
                f.    414.224.2599
                e.   jgranger@jrn.com

The State purchasing card is accepted. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel prefers the use of suborder forms.

The Milwaukee Times*
c/o NCON Communications Corp
1936 N Martin Luther King Dr
Milwaukee WI 53212-3126

George Neal/Lynda Jackson
tel: 414.263.5088
fax: 414.263.4445

The State purchasing card is accepted.

News from Indian Country*
8558 N County Rd K
Hayward WI 54843-2052

Kimberly Acosta
tel: 715.634.1429
fax: 715.634.3243

The State purchasing card is accepted.

The Spanish Journal*
719 S 6th St
Milwaukee WI 53204

Lylian Dejesus
tel: 414.643.5683
fax: 414.643.8025

Does accept the purchasing card.

Star Tribune
425 Portland Ave
Minneapolis MN 55488

Michael Moore
tel: 800.927.7022
fax: 612.673.7866

Accepts the State purchasing card.

PPP3, Best Judgement Purchases.