Non-employee e-Reimbursement Profile Set-up Form

This form is used to create an e-Reimbursement profile for a non-employee.

Download Non-employee e-Reimbursement Profile Set-up Form

How to Obtain an e-Reimbursement Profile for a Non-Employee
In order to reimburse a non-employee for travel and expenses via e-Reimbursement, a Non-Employee ID must be obtained from Accounting Services. If a non-employee profile already exists but requires changes (e.g. change of address, change to Accounting Defaults), please use the Non-Employee Profile Change Request Form.

Note: To determine if a non-employee profile already exists, please see Procedure 3024.5 How to Reimburse Non-Employees.

  1. Complete the e-Reimbursement Non-Employee Profile Setup Form and route it via e-mail to your Division Coordinator. Upon approval, your Division
    Coordinator will forward the profile request to Accounting Services for processing.

    • Do not use the department address on this form. Checks cannot be delivered to the department office for pick-up. The address must be the recipient’s home, office, or another address where the check can be sent directly to them.
    • If a check must be picked up on campus, enter “Hold for pickup” in the address field.  The recipient will be notified when the check is ready and can pick the check up at the Accounting Services office: 21 N. Park Street, Suite 5301.
  2. Await an e-mailed response from Accounting Services. Requests are typically addressed within three business days.
  3. Use the Non-Employee ID number provided by Accounting Services to create and submit expense reports on behalf of the non-employee.