PPP32 Receiving and Distributing of Goods not Stocked at Shop@UW (MDS)

Effective 5/25/11
Replaces 10/9/07

Purchasing Policy and Procedure

Receiving and Distributing of Goods not stocked at Shop@UW (MDS)


Shop@UW will be the receiving and distribution center between vendors and UW-Madison (departments) for shrink-wrapped standard size pallets (40” W x 48”D x 60”H) of merchandise. Shop@UW intends to deliver merchandise within one working day of receipt whenever possible.


1. Receiving

1.1 Departments are encouraged to give Shop@UW advance notice, if possible, when the expected shipment will arrive at Shop@UW docks. This notice should include; numbers of wrapped pallets, type of merchandise, the transportation company making the delivery, and complete contact person’s name, phone number and address. This information should be sent to the warehouse manager, Kyle Smith.
E-MAIL: kyle.smith@wisc.edu
PHONE: 608-497-4432

1.2 Shop@UW will unload customer’s wrapped pallets of merchandise from vendor’s truck, or common carrier, provide a pallet count, inspect for visible damage, and cross dock merchandise for Shop@UW delivery to individual locations. If Shop@UW sees any visible damage it will be noted in writing on the bill of lading. Shop@UW will notify the ordering department and the responsibility of pursuing the matter will be up to the department. Shop@UW will not be responsible for concealed damage, shortages and wrong merchandise. Shop@UW will not break down pallets for individual case counts.

1.3 Shop@UW will deliver wrapped palletized merchandise to their requested location in the greater Madison Metropolitan area within two working days of receipt. If short-term (two weeks or less) storage is needed a fee of $ 12.50 will be charged. Long term storage will be charged according to Shop@UW established monthly storage fee schedule.

2. Delivery

2.1 Shop@UW will deliver wrapped pallets to various locations in the greater Madison Metropolitan area, which have a semi truck or dock leveler-equipped loading dock.

2.2 If required, Shop@UW will palletize and wrap on a time and material basis, with a minimum charge of $10.00/pallet.

2.3 Shop@UW will charge $75 per hour for delivery if it takes longer than one hour to deliver items.

2.4 Shop@UW will prepare and wrap unwrapped pallets for cross docking and delivery for a $5.00/pallet fee.

3. Items not accepted at Shop@UW

3.1 Shop@UW will not accept any radioactive, perishable (either refrigerated or frozen), non-palletized items (large equipment, appliances or any merchandise exceeding 48” in length) or construction equipment or supplies.