Refunds of Receipts Form

The Refund of Receipts form is used to request a refund to the original payee associated with receipt of revenue collected by the University.

Student tuition related refunds/adjustments and housing refunds are primarily handled through Student Information System and are not to be submitted using RoR forms.

Complete all required fields (will be indicated by an asterisk *) in the form and attach the appropriate supporting documentation necessary to process the request. DO NOT ATTACH W-8 OR W-9 WITH SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS TO THIS FORM.


  • Only one payee is allowed per form. If paying more than one customer, please fill out a Refund of Receipts form for each customer.
  • Supplier: Select a supplier (1) a persistent vendor active in the system or (2) the refund of receipts single payment vendor [search refund in the supplier search and select refund of receipts]. Note any other single payment vendor used will result in this form auto-returning to you. 
  • The account codes used for this form should start with a 7xxx or a 9xxx– using a different account code will result in this form being auto-rejected.
  • Any requests for other non-revenue expenses should be submitted using appropriate forms (For example: Direct Pay Form, e-reimbursement, Payment to Individual Request Form, etc.).

Access Refund of Receipts Form in ShopUW++

Finding the Refund of Receipts Form in ShopUW+

  1. After you Login, Click on “Shop” on the left-hand side.
  2. Next, click on “Shopping” in the fly-out menu
  3. Click “View Favorites”. You will see all the forms you have access to in ShopUW+. If you need access to a form that is not listed please contact,

Screenshot of ShopUW+ Forms