Request for Authorization to Reimburse Applicant Interview Expenses

Form to request for Authorization to Reimburse Applicant Interview Expenses

Download Request for Authorization to Reimburse Applicant Interview Expenses Form

The Division/Department office may determine it is in the best interest of the University to pay/reimburse job applicant interview candidates for expenses that are incurred as part of the interview process.  If approved, all job applicant interview candidates must comply with UW – Madison transportation, meal, and lodging maximums as well as receipt requirements outlined in our travel policies.  Partial payment/reimbursement may be considered, but all candidates interviewing for the same position must be compensated equally.

 Sponsored projects (e.g., fund 144 or 133) are subject to the terms and conditions of the specific award, as well as applicable program guidelines, which may restrict use of funds for certain types of expenses.  Please contact the RSP accountantfor your award with any questions.

In determining whether payment/reimbursement is in the best interest of the UW, consider the following:

  • What is the job market supply and demand for the skills of the prospective employee?
  • Is payment/reimbursement required as an incentive for prospective candidates to interview for the position?
  • Are there other reasons, unique to the college, school or position, that justify payment/reimbursement?


Approval is required in advance for payment/reimbursement of all job applicant interview expenses.  The Request for Authorization to Reimburse Applicant Interview Expenses may be used in lieu of a letter of approval prepared by the Divisional Business Office. Please see below for requirements based on position.

  • Classified/Unclassified Positions: Approval from the Divisional Business Office must be obtained.
  • Vice Chancellor or above: Approval from the Vice Chancellor for Administration must be obtained.

Associated Expenses

  • Spouse of Candidate: Payment/Reimbursement for travel expenses, such as airfare, meals and lodging, for the spouses of finalists requires advance written approval from the Dean’s/Divisional office.
  • Meal Period Interviews: If the interview is taking place during the meal period, payment/reimbursement for the candidate and interviewers is limited to the UW – Madison meal maximums.  The candidate’s name, the title of the unfilled position and an explanation for holding the interview over the meal period must be documented.
  • Employee Serving as Host: The Dean’s/Divisional office or above may authorize a UW employee to act as a “host” for interview candidates. Meal costs within the state maximum and reasonable local transportation costs in connection with hosting the candidate may be paid/reimbursed.  When an employee and his/her spouse are directed to dine with the finalist and his/her spouse as part of the interview process, payment/reimbursement for both the employee and his/her spouse is also allowable.


Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Dean’s/Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions.

Dean’s/Divisional Business Office may e-mail with questions.