PPP07 Return Material Process


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper procedure for return of materials or equipment to vendor for credit, exchange or repair.


2.1 Departments must obtain vendor authorization to return any material/equipment. Departments are responsible for packaging and arranging shipment with the vendor or shipper.

2.2 Departments must notify Purchasing Services of any change to a purchase order so Purchasing may issue a change order. (See: PPP11).

2.3 Departments must provide Risk Management with a Return Materials Authorization Form, when returning materials and/or equipment to vendor with a replacement value of $50,000 or more. Materials and equipment valued under $50,000 are insured automatically.

Original copy of this form must be enclosed with shipment of materials to vendor.  Risk Management will insure for all amounts over $50,000.00 if a copy of this form is sent to them.  If the value of the shipment exceeds $100,000.00 Risk Management MUST receive this form before goods leave campus.  One exception:  When any UW item leaves the continental United States (no matter what dollar amount), Risk Management needs all information before the shipment leaves the country.

2.4 Departments must notify Property Control of any changes in inventory status due to returns or exchanges.


For general questions regarding returns, contact Purchasing Services at 262-1526; Questions regarding insurance coverage, contact Risk Management at 262-0375; Questions regarding inventory status, contact Property Control at 262-5351.


PPP #11: Change and Cancellation Orders