PPP24 Special State Purchasing Programs

Effective 10/17/00
Replaces NEW


UW-Madison is committed to the implementation and maintenance of the following State of Wisconsin policies and programs: Minority Business Enterprise Program, Sheltered Work center Program, Small Business Development Program, Veterans-Owned Business Program, Recycling Program, American Made Materials Policy, Reciprocity Law, Badger State Industries Program, Affirmative Action Contract Compliance, Americans with Disabilities Act. Bid specifications and contract awards may be affected by one of more of these programs.


If departments have questions regarding these transactions, please contact the assigned purchasing agent or 262-6357.


Departments should submit their requisitions as explained in the External Requisition Tutorial. Depending on the nature of the transaction, preparation of specifications and issuance of a purchase order may be affected by these programs. Departments should take them into consideration when determining lead time and should review UW-Madison, UW-Systems or State of Wisconsin Contracts for any of the programs identified above before ordering.


The intent of this policy is to make UW-Madison staff aware of the many programs associated with the purchasing process which require special consideration as they procure goods or services. This will insure UW-Madison meets the requirements of the law and meets goals established as awards are made.


APM #1 – Handling Routine Transactions within Accounting Services
SPM PRO-606 – Supplier Diversity Policy and Reporting
SPM PRO-509 – Sheltered Work Center Program
SPM PRO-209 – Sustainability in Procurement
SPM PRO-605 – American Made Materials Policy
SPM PRO-603 – Reciprocity Law and Handling State Preferences
SPM PRO-507 – Procurement from Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises
SPM PRO-403 – Non-Discrimination and Contract Compliance
SPM PRO-202– Specifications