PPP22 Vendor Complaint Policy and Procedure

Effective 4/20/01
Replaces 8/23/91


Complaints or problems with a contract or a vendor should be reported to Purchasing Services.


The department should contact the vendor when a problem arises and attempt to resolve the problem.

2.1 If a satisfactory resolution to the problem cannot be reached, the department should process a Vendor Complaint Report. The department should provide as detailed an explanation of the problem or complaint as possible and e-mail the Complaint Report to the Contract Manager (Purchasing Agent as noted on the contract).

2.2 The Contract Manager will investigate, take action and provide a written detailed report to the department of any actions taken.


PRO-413 – Reporting Supplier Complaints
Wis. Stats. 16.705(6)/16.72
Wis. Adm. Code Chapter Adm. 10.14