Requisition and Number Generator User Guide

The web-based requisition and number generator is in My UW to enable campus users to create and print both external requisitions and internal work orders from the Web.

In addition to producing the paper requisition document for routing and approval, it also saves a copy of the detail of the requisition and its funding in order to expedite the creation of a Purchase Order (PO) from the Requisition, eliminating the duplicate keying requited at the Dean’s office and again at Purchasing Services. The requisition generator is based upon the same concepts of producing a paper requisition document as the approval mechanism for purchases; that is, the paper requisition with approvals on the form must reach Purchasing Services in order to create the Purchase Order.

  • All requisitions must be entered into the new external requisition generator in My UW
  • SFS coding will be used on all requisitions
  • The external requisition generator is used to validate funding (instead of EPRQ)
  • Requisitions must still be printed and signed by the authorized Dean’s office representative to be processed into a Purchase Order (PO) by Purchasing
  • Requisitions must still be routed, signed, and edited according to your Dean’s office policy

This application also offers the ability to reserve a block of requisition or work order numbers and to produce and internal work order. The internal work order generator system does not have an underlying database that will store information and is essentially a web-based typing aid.

To use these tools, login to My UW at using your Net ID and choose the “Requisition and Number Generator” app. The application is automatically available for any individual on the UW-Madison payroll (including payrolled students).

Online help for the application is available at DoIT’s Help Desk is available by calling 264-HELP to handle and route questions or problems pertaining to the requisition and number generator in My UW.

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