Expense Reports for Individuals Who Report Directly to the Provost, Chancellor, VCSA or VCFA

Expense reports for certain individuals (listed below) require special handling.

Expense reports for individuals who report directly to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA), Chancellor, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (VSCA) or the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA)–e.g. expense reports for Deans and Directors–must be routed through the appropriate office for final approval. It is the responsibility of the Auditor to reassign these reports to the appropriate backup approver.

  1. When an expense report requiring special approvals is submitted, it follows the normal expense report approval path as indicated by the departmental funding used in the report.
  2. The Approver (first level of review; a.k.a. Required Departmental Approval) reviews the report and approves, denies, or sends it back as they normally would.
  3. The Auditor (second level of review; a.k.a. Required Final Approval) reviews the report and can save changes, send it back, hold, or deny the report as they normally would. The auditor does NOT approve the report in SFS. To approve the report, Auditors:
    1. Add a Justification Note to the expense report documenting their approval and save the report.
    2. Routes the expense report to the appropriate Backup Auditor. See chart below for details.
  4. The Backup Auditor reviews the report and follows the standard approval process, reviewing for policy compliance, proper documentation, and proper justification.

*All divisional expense reports route to Provost/VCFA automatically