Accounts Receivable

How to manage Accounts Receivable and Billing at UW-Madison  

Accounting Services maintains the General Accounts Receivable (GAR) system, which provides billing services for Non-Sponsored programs at UW Madison. This department provides accounts receivable services, including analysis and collection services for UW Madison units which sell goods and services.


The SFS Accounts Receivable and Billing System is currently being rolled out to UW-Madison departments for all non-sponsored accounts receivable, including internal and external customers. The use of SFS for non-sponsored billing and receivables was launched in November of 2018 and will be introduced campus-wide in the coming months/years – unless otherwise agreed upon with the Division of Business Services(DoBS).

What We Provide

The Accounts Receivable department will manage invoice generation, adjustments, cancelations, write-offs, collection efforts and payment applications in collaboration with UW Madison divisions and departments. Transactions will run through PeopleSoft (SFS) accounts receivable and billing modules and will be recorded automatically in the general ledger. Information on transactions can be found in WISDM/WISER and reporting options are available.

Cash Management vs. Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable department within the DoBS is an option for departments whom do not want or have the ability to manage receivables in their area. When working with centralized AR, all transactions related to an invoice are processed within SFS through the Accounts Receivable and Billing modules. For departments managing Accounts Receivable at the department level, they should continue to work with Cash Management for receipts.

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