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Business Services News

  • ATP adopts “Workday First” approach to ShopUW+

    As part of the Workday implementation, ATP has reviewed hundreds of ancillary systems, including ShopUW+, to determine the best way to conduct UW business. The Universities of Wisconsin system and UW-Madison will adopt a Workday-first …

  • Travel Policy Updates – Fall 2023

    Various elements of UW–Madison travel policies and web content needed changing to match UW System policy and other important changes (i.e., vehicle contract changes). Noted changes are effective immediately.

  • Capital Equipment online Q&A sessions available starting October 2023

    Question and answer sessions will review a specific Capital Equipment topic and provide an open forum for people to ask questions they might have. These optional sessions are open to all persons interested in understanding the Capital Equipment Policies and Procedures, including Department Property Administrators (DPAs), Primary Investigators, and Financial Specialists.

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Plan business travel & get reimbursed

Plan your UW–Madison business trip. Determine the best options for transportation and lodging. Get reimbursed for your travel and non-travel related expenses.

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Paying tuition

Common tasks and answers to questions related to UW–Madison tuition are available on the Bursar’s website.

Let parents pay my bill

Allow other individuals, such as parents, to access a student’s tuition account.

Add an authorized payer

Ways to pay tuition

There are several options, including the preferred method of online payments.

Paying tuition

Important tuition dates

Current deadlines for tuition bills, eRefunds, and BadgerPay installments.

Tuition due dates

Making purchases

Understand the recommended way to purchase products and services at UW–Madison, including where to buy, how to pay, and who needs to be involved.

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Common business tasks

Worker’s Compensation

How and when to file a claim, eligibility and benefits. Notify your supervisor immediately if you’ve sustained an injury or contracted an illness at work.

Manage a claim

Pay others

How to pay departments, students, and vendors at UW–Madison. Also: managing wire transactions, foreign payments, and voiding payments.

Make a payment

Deposits / Revenues / Receivables

How to deposit revenue or accept credit card payments, sometimes referred to as “payments-in.”

Manage Payments-In

Policies and procedures

Following business policies and procedures are essential to making sure UW-Madison and all its resources are in compliance. This helps minimize risk to the university, establishes fairness in practice, and helps create understandable guidelines to follow.

Review business policies and procedures