International Medical, Travel, and Security Insurance

University of Wisconsin students

The Board of Regents has mandated all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program must enroll in CISI International Health Insurance coverage. (See UWSA Policy 145)

UW–Madison faculty, staff, employees, and agents

Effective January 1, 2022, enrollment in CISI International Health Insurance coverage will be mandatory for all University of Wisconsin Madison faculty, staff employees and agents traveling abroad for the purpose of University-related business and/or educational programs. This is required pursuant to joint memorandum of the UW–Madison Provost Office and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

Please note: CISI International Health Insurance coverage is not available for personal travel. CISI reserves the right to invalidate coverage and deny all claims presented related to personal travel.

How To Obtain Insurance For International Travel

CISI International Medical, Travel, & Security Insurance

Mandatory health insurance for University of Wisconsin students, UW–Madison faculty, staff, employees and agents traveling abroad under a UW-sponsored program or for purposes of University-related business, education, or research activities.

Enroll in CISI Insurance

EUROP Assistance Program

Worldwide emergency medical assistance for  UW–Madison faculty and staff while traveling on University business.

Obtain Europ Assistance Travel Card

Identity Theft Protection for Travelers

Identity theft protection for UW–Madison faculty/staff while traveling on University business.

Understand Identity Theft Protection Coverage for Travelers

International Safety & Security Resources

For details on UW-Madison international safety and security travel policies, procedures and guidance see the UW–Madison International Safety & Security Office and UW–Madison Study Abroad Office.


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