Driver Authorization

How to become an authorized driver, allowing employees to drive for business purposes at UW-Madison.

Also search for authorized drivers and get trained to drive a passenger bus.

Key Tasks

Be an authorized driver

Steps to complete to become an authorized driver at UW-Madison.

Get authorized

Search the driver database

View and confirm authorized drivers who have completed the authorization process.

Access the database

Passenger bus or vans

Use a passenger bus for larger group transportation at UW-Madison.

Become an authorized bus driver

Become an authorized driver

Steps to take for employees, students or others with a NetID.

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Items you'll need

Have the following items prepared for this process (without these completed your Vehicle Use Agreement will not be processed) :

  • Your NetID and password
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Your supervisor’s name and email address (or other local authority such as Department Chair, Advisor).
  • The UDDS code for your department (e.g. UA000000, or UA for MSN campus + two digit Division code + two digit Dept code + two digit sub unit code). Ask your supervisor (or their supervisor) for appropriate UDDS code. You may also check your personal earning statement which states your UDDS code on top, middle box of the Statement following Department.
  • Entry of the UDDS code requires that you first select “UW MADISON” from the UW CAMPUS pick list. Then, click into the UW UDDS Code text box and type the letters UA followed by the six digits of your UDDS. Then click on the search icon, the drop down box will open and highlight your code. Click on the code to populate the field.
  • Out-of-state license holders will need to upload a PDF copy of their driving abstract/driving record and a legible copy of their license (front only) via the portal (there are two upload buttons for this purpose in the Out of State section). Note – When one scans the copies, rename to MVR & DL respectively. Driving records may be obtain from the applicable Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the respective State. We only require the non-certified copy. We recommend obtaining records directly from respective State’s DMV as these are less expensive verses commercial record sites, but commercial sites are acceptable if all details are provided (driver’s identity, license number, license status, including their driving record with details on: traffic accidents, traffic violations, driver license suspensions, driver license revocations, driver license cancellations, etc.). Fees for obtaining one’s records are an allowable employment expense.


Register with the Department of Administration Enterprise Fleet Management System (if you have not already)

Complete the New Fleet Driver: Vehicle Use Agreement

Complete the New Fleet Driver: Vehicle Use Agreement, sometimes referred to as the VUA
Access the vehicle use agreement

Download Instructions (pdf)


Once the Vehicle Use Agreement process is completed your record will be uploaded and reviewed against established driver authorization criteria by UW-Madison Risk Management Office.

Applicants and Supervisors will be notified of approval/denial within 10 business days via email.

Full Vehicle Use Agreement forms must be completed and submitted through the Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS) by each individual requesting, and has been directed and authorized by campus, to drive for university business. The purpose for driving must be for official University business as determined by campus Supervisor/Department/Unit.

Requirement criteria

The established driver authorization criteria at UW-Madison that one must meet includes:

  • Must have a valid driver’s license. Note – per Wisconsin Law new residents to Wisconsin must obtain a WI driver’s license within 60 days of residence.
  • Drivers from Other Countries: The only acceptable international driving permit/license is from Canada. Any driver who has an out-of-country license or permit (other than Canada) and is requesting approval to drive on University business must pursue a Wisconsin driver’s license within 60 days of establishing residency.
  • Must have a minimum of two years licensed driving experience. International driving experience will be considered if evidence is provided.
  • Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Met all driving record standards. In summary authorization to drive University vehicles will be denied if a driving record reflects any of the following:
  • An Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) violation within the past year,
  • Reckless driving violation within past year,
  • License has been reinstated for less than one year after revocation.
  • In addition, out of state residents and driver’s that have obtained a WI license but were licensed in another US State, US territory or Canada during the previous 24 months, must submit a copy of their applicable out of State Driver’s License (WI license copies are not needed) and Driving Abstract from their respective state for evaluation by Risk Management. Fees for obtaining one’s out of state records are an allowable employment expense through the employee’s department.

Volunteer Driver Authorization

Volunteers who do not have a NetID will need to continue to submit a paper Vehicle Use Agreement. See the volunteer driver form and instructions.

Passenger Bus or Van Drivers

The University of Wisconsin-Madison allows 14 passenger buses for transportation of larger groups. The University no longer allows the use of 12 or 15 seat passenger vans.

All drivers must be at least 25 years of age, have completed the appropriate bus-driver training course, and meet all other driver requirements.

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Van training instructions

Van driver training is offered through the Department of Administration (DOA). The Application for State of Wisconsin Van Driver Training must be filled out and turned into Risk Management three weeks prior to the class for processing (see instructions on form). Please note that any incomplete forms or forms not submitted prior to the 3 week deadline will be returned.


The current course is one full day and currently $132.00 (payment responsibility of requesting department). Course is held at the Green Jefferson Room, 2nd Floor, Room #229 at the Madison College Protective Services building, located at 1701 Pearson St., Madison, WI.

NOTE – If not cancelled in 48 hours, the department is still billed for the class.

Confirmation and minimum class size requirement

Eight students must be registered and confirmed in order for a scheduled class to take place. Enrollment will be on a first come, first served basis, determined by receipt of a properly completed application.

Registrants will receive confirmation from the DOA prior to the scheduled class. Once confirmed, the registrant will be billed for the scheduled class whether or not they attend. Notice must be given to the DOA at least 48 hours prior to the class; contact (608) 261-6638 to cancel your attendance.Substitutions will be allowed as long as you provide State Risk Management at least 48 hours notice prior to the class: Phone 608-261-6638 to provide the name of the substitute.

Class Length

The training is an all-day class beginning at 8:30 am (30 minutes is allotted for lunch). The instructor is from Madison Area Technical College (MATC). Each driver should plan on the class lasting until approximately 3:30 pm. A true/false test will be given at the end of the classroom session that must be passed before the driver can participate in behind-the-wheel training. Must be on time for the class and attend the entire day’s training or will not pass and still be billed.

Current Class Schedule

Van driver training is offered through the Department of Administration (DOA) the following days (dependent upon class receiving minimum of eight enrollees):


Transportation to class

Each participant must provide his/her own transportation to and from the class, which will convene promptly at 8:30 am in the Green/Jefferson conference room at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation District 1 office located at 2101 Wright St, Madison, WI. Late shows will not be allowed to take the class.


Once the class has been successfully completed the 14 passenger bus must be rented at least once every 12 months or training must be re-taken annually.   Even if you rent the minimum once in 12 months, the van driver training class will need to be repeated once every 3 years, to remain an active 14 passenger bus driver.  In addition, you must be always be an approved driver prior to taking the course.

Drivers must refresh their course every three (3) years if they continue to need to drive the 14 passenger bus.In the EFMS Reports section there will be a Y/N statement in the certified van column if a driver is approved to drive 14 passenger buses and a date in which they completed the training in the following column.

Pre-employment checks

Departments needing to check driving record in pre-employment or post-offer situation should use the Pre-Hire Driving Record Check form.

Travel Reimbursement/Expense Policy & Driver Authorization

See 314 Vehicle Use/Rental Policy related to travel and the need for driver authorization. Individuals must be authorized in order to drive reserve fleet vehicles, be reimbursed for personal vehicle business mileage and to rent a vehicle from external providers for University Business.

Renewal, Expiration and deactivation

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Expiration of driver authorization

Student, Volunteer, Canadian and out of state authorizations will expire, if not renewed, within one year.

All drivers are evaluated monthly and any individual no longer meeting our driver criteria will be deactivated with notification to employee and supervisor.

Driver deactivation

It is the employing department’s responsibility to notify the Risk Management Office of terminated or retiring employees on a regular basis to remove them.


To renew your driver authorization, the Driver Authorization Renewal “How To” guide provides details and instructions.

Passengers in Vehicles

In general, only employees, agents, and students are allowed to ride in University/State owned vehicles. Exceptions to this rule arise when transportation is necessary or convenient for individuals who are dealing directly with, or involved in, University business. Passengers who are not employees, students or agents must have approval from Office of Risk Management.

For guidance on passenger allowances in all vehicle situations see table in Section 6 C, last row, from UW System Administrative Policy 615, Vehicle use and Driver Authorization.

Important - Vehicle Use Prohibitions/Restrictions

Drivers are not permitted to use a state/fleet vehicle for a personal purpose. The only exceptions to this rule are incidental stops. Examples are stops at a restaurant for a meal, an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) or financial institution, urgent care or emergency room or a gas station or convenience store.

Drivers should remember that public perception of state employees is important and influenced by how and where the public sees state vehicles being used. Drivers should not make incidental stops at locations the public would perceive as inappropriate. Examples are gaming and sports venues, liquor outlets and other locations where it is unlikely that any state business or allowable incidental use is involved.

Drivers required to stay overnight(s) away from home may, with permission of their supervisor, use a state vehicle for the types of necessary activity that could be expected of a traveler away from home. Examples include evening use to go to a pharmacy, grocery, laundromat, fitness center, or other locations to purchase goods or conduct activities necessary for the employee’s health and well being.

The above guidelines also apply to use of personal and rental vehicles during business use. Operation of these vehicles outside of the above parameters would be considered personal use and therefore State of WI Self-Funded Liability Program’s excess automobile liability coverage not extended in these situations.

All applicable Rules of the Road must be followed at all times for any University business purpose vehicle operation.


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