Policies and Procedures

After a two-year effort that engaged stakeholders across campus, the UW–Madison Policy Library is live at policy.wisc.edu. The online, searchable policy library serves as the single, up-to-date resource for all university-wide policies at UW–Madison.  All of the Division of Business Services policies have been renumbered and listed in the library.

The following links will redirect you to the policy in the UW-Madison Policy Library.  Please see the DoBS Policy Library Numbers pdf to compare the old policy numbers with the new policy numbers.

Procurement (Purchasing)

UW-3040 Procuring Items Through ShopUW+  (formerly PPP1)

UW-3041 New or Renewal Subscriptions  (formerly PPP2)

UW-3042 Best Judgement Purchasing – Less than $5000.00  (formerly PPP3)

UW-3043 Exceptions/ Approvals/ Special Handling  (formerly PPP4)

UW-3044 Printing Related and Printing Purchases  (formerly PPP5)

UW-3045 Illegal Purchases  (formerly PPP6)

UW-3046 Return Material Process  (formerly PPP7)

UW-3047 Specific Blanket Orders, External (non-contract)  (formerly PPP8)

UW-3048 Contract Blanket Orders, External  (formerly PPP9)

UW-3049 Catering Policy – On and Off Campus  (formerly PPP10)

UW-3050 Change and Cancellation Orders (External)  (formerly PPP11)

UW-3051 Moving/Storage of University Owned Office Furniture/Equipment On/Off Campus(formerly PPP12)

UW-3053 Signatory Authority (agreements/contracts)  (formerly PPP14)

UW-3054 Specification Writing  (formerly PPP15)

UW-3055 Simplified Bid Process (formerly PPP16)

UW-3056 Vehicles; Purchase/Lease; New/Used, Replacement and Disposal  (formerly PPP17)

UW-3057 Disposal of Surplus University Property  (formerly PPP18)

UW-3058 Non-Competitive Purchases  (formerly PPP19)

UW-3059 Importing and Exporting Goods and Services  (formerly PPP20)

UW-3060 Continuing Order Requisitions (CORs)  (formerly PPP21)

UW-3061 Vendor Complaint Policy and Procedure  (formerly PPP22)

UW-3062 Contracts, How to Use Them (formerly PPP23)

UW-3063 Special State Purchasing Programs  (formerly PPP24)

UW-3066 Educational Travel Tours  (formerly PPP29)

UW-3067 Entertainers/Speakers/Instructors and Consultants Contracts  (formerly PPP30)

UW-3068 Receiving and Distributing of Goods not Stocked at Shop@UW (MDS)  (formerly PPP32)

UW-3069 Academic Support Services Orders and Agreements  (formerly PPP33)

UW-3070 Departmental Purchasing Delegation  (formerly PPP34)

UW-3071 Departments Receiving Materials and Equipment  (formerly PPP35)

UW-3072 Vendor/Manufacturer Rebates  (formerly PPP36)

UW-3073 Background Checks of Contractors and Contracted Individuals  (formerly PPP37)

UW-3074 Procurement Rules  (formerly PPP38)

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