Policies and Procedures

The UW–Madison Policy Library (policy.wisc.edu) is an online, searchable, up-to-date resource for all university-wide policies. All Division of Business Services policies have been renumbered and listed in the library.

The following policy links will redirect you to the UW-Madison Policy Library. Please see the DoBS Policy Library Numbers reference sheet (PDF) to compare the old policy numbers with the new policy numbers.

Procurement (Purchasing)

UW-3040 Procuring Items Through ShopUW+ Policy

UW-3041 New or Renewal Subscriptions Policy

UW-3042 Best Judgement Purchases ($5000 or less) Policy

UW-3043 Exceptions/ Approvals/ Special Handling Policy

UW-3044 Printing-Related and Printing Purchases Policy

UW-3045 Illegal Purchases Policy

UW-3046 Return Material Process Policy

UW-3047 Specific Blanket Orders, External (Non-contract) Policy

UW-3048 Contract Blanket Orders, External Policy

UW-3049 Catering (On and Off Campus) Policy

UW-3051 Moving/Storage of University Owned Office Furniture/Equipment On or Off Campus Policy

UW-3053 Signatory Authority (Agreements/Contracts) Policy

UW-3054 Specification Writing Policy

UW-3055 Simplified Bid Process Policy

UW-3056 Vehicles: Purchase/Lease; New/Used, Replacement and Disposal Policy

UW-3057 Disposal of Surplus University Property Policy

UW-3058 Non-Competitive Purchases Policy

UW-3059 Importing and Exporting Goods and Services Policy

UW-3060 Continuing Order Requisitions (CORs) Policy

UW-3061 Vendor Complaint Policy

UW-3062 Contracts, How to Use Them Policy

UW-3063 Special State Purchasing Programs Policy

UW-3066 Educational Travel Tours Policy

UW-3067 Entertainers/Speakers/Instructors and Consultants Contracts Policy

UW-3068 Receiving and Distributing of Goods not Stocked at ShopUW+ (MDS) Policy

UW-3069 Academic Support Services Orders and Agreements Policy

UW-3070 Departmental Purchasing Delegation Policy

UW-3071 Departments Receiving Materials and Equipment Policy

UW-3072 Vendor/Manufacturer Rebates Policy

UW-3073 Background Checks of Contractors and Contracted Individuals Policy

UW-3074 Procurement Rules Policy

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