Making Payments

Ways departments can make payments to others including vendors, students, and other departments.

Including accounts payable, how to void or modify payments, paying with wire transfers, and paying in foreign currencies.

Vendors, UW Departments and System Schools

Paying a vendor or individual

Departments often need to pay a vendor for products or services.

This may involve a purchase order, direct payment or a payment to individual report, and may include making changes and checking the status of the payment.

The associate director in BBA Career Services in the Wisconsin School of Business, talks with attendees during the Office of Corporate Relations

Paying a different department or system school

Pay an invoice for goods or services provided by another UW-Madison department, or a different University of Wisconsin campus. The process involves creating an Inter-Departmental Billing journal entry.

University of Wisconsin-Madison chancellor Rebecca Blank (right) meets with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee chancellor Michael Lovell


Posting to a student account

UW-Madison departments sometimes need to post charges (such as credit by exam charges), enrollment deposits or payments to student accounts in the Student Information System (SIS). This is often referred to as "Posting to SIS."

Student placing information into thier calendar

Paying students

UW-Madison departments sometimes need to make payments to a student, which might include things like scholarships, tuition remission, payroll, prizes, awards, and internal third party payments.

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Common payment tasks

Time sensitive payments

How to submit payments under specific deadlines, including emergencies, or rush situations.

Make a time sensitive payment

Paying research subjects

For payments of $249 or less, use a Custodian Fund, otherwise use the payment to individual report.

Use research-related Custodian Funds

Modify a payment

Void a payment with or without reissue, stop a payment,request a check copy, or proof of payment.

Void or stop a payment


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