Managing Risk

Risk Management helps with identifying, evaluating, and controlling loss exposures at UW–Madison to minimize the adverse effects of unpredictable events, and assists departments in their recovery efforts.

Services include driver authorization, worker’s compensation claims and insurance coverage for various activities, including international travel and on-campus events.

Key tasks

Authorized Drivers

In order to drive an automobile for business purposes, drivers must meet the criteria to become an "authorized" driver, and understand the auto insurance coverage.

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Worker's Compensation

How and when to file a claim, eligibility, and benefits. Notify your supervisor immediately if you’ve sustained an injury or contracted an illness at work.

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Common tasks

Injury and Incident Reporting

What to do in the event of a personal injury at UW–Madison, and how to minimize and manage risk.

Report an incident


The State’s Self-funded Liability Program provides coverage against claims made as the result of the negligent acts of University officers, employees, and agents.

Understand liability


Key risk management issues associated with UW–Madison volunteers.

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Insurance Programs

Details on insurance needed for events, travel, and vendors at UW–Madison to minimize and manage risk.

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Property and Equipment

Insurance coverages pertaining to property and equipment at UW–Madison including how to file a claim, loan equipment procedures, and what items are covered.

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Certificates of Insurance

Request a Certificate of Coverage when asked to provide a non-University organization with proof the University of Wisconsin–Madison has insurance coverage.

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Facility Use and Insurance

Requirements and recommendations to minimize risk while using a UW–Madison facility and/or planning an event.

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Student risk management

Students, student organizations, and liability coverage

Information about student liability coverage—including student organizations—in relation to health insurance, accidents on campus, and use of automobiles for University business.

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Risk Management's location

Risk Management
21 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715

Note – Please contact the appropriate topic area’s email address with questions and/or to schedule an in-person meeting. Advanced meeting scheduling is necessary in order to meet with Risk Management staff; drop-in appointments are not available.

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General Risk Management

Driver Authorization and Automobile

Worker’s Compensation