Accounting Services

Responsible for University-wide controllership and management of campus accounting functions.

This department develops and implements financial policies and procedures for university-wide business processes for compliance with tax laws and other Federal and State regulations.

Services Provided

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Accounting and Budget Control Functions

Accounting Services maintains an accounting and budget control system for UW-Madison and participates in financial decisions regarding accounting and budget control.   The system records budgets, encumbrances, receipts and disbursements and generates various reports for the System Administration and State and Federal agencies.   Accounting Services maintains the General Ledger and transaction information, prepares and distributes checks, and performs any necessary tax withholding and reporting.

Accounts Payable Function

For UW-Madison, this service includes travel, invoice audit, and payment approval processing, and working closely with Purchasing Services in the design of policies and procedures which affect the accounting for purchasing transactions. The Purchasing Card and Travel Card programs are part of this function.

Contingent Fund Services

Accounting Services writes contingent fund checks for emergency transactions at UW-Madison. The fund is also used for issuing Non-Travel Cash Advances for UW-Madison programs.

Receipt Processing Functions

Accounting Services uses the Decentralized Revenue Entry system to record the distribution of receipts, sales credits and refund of disbursement transactions to revenue codes and accounts for UW-Madison.

For UW-Madison, Accounting Services develops and implements policies and procedures to be used in depositing receipts, accounting for cash and maintaining banking relations, and reconciliation of our bank accounts.

Payment Disbursement

Checks are the form of payment to vendors and employees for non-salary payments. We also supply same day emergency transaction payments when necessary. Along with our payment process we can, when required, process foreign drafts, wire transfers, and ACH payments.

Accounts Receivable Services

Accounting Services maintains the General Accounts Receivable (GAR) System, which provides billing services for Research and Sponsored Programs at UW-Madison.   It also provides accounts receivable consulting services, write-off approval and limited collection services for UW-Madison units which sell goods and services.

Reconciliation Services

Accounting Services reconciles the Legacy accounting information to the Shared Financial System (SFS), the SFS to WISDM, and the data access information on a daily basis.

Annual Financial Reporting

Accounting Services assembles required UW-Madison information for the preparation of the UW-System and State of Wisconsin GAAP Financial Statements.

Access to Data

Accounting Services provides data access to all the information processed.   This access is web based WISDM inquiries and SQL queries of the accounting data warehouse.

Travel, Card and Reimbursement

Assists UW Staff on planning  business trips,  and determinuing the best options for transportation and lodging. Also provide Reimbursement services.

Property Control

Property Control records and maintains information about UW-Madison capital equipment acquisitions, both Federally and University titled, following University, State and Federal property guidelines.   Equipment information, including item description as well as financial data, is stored in a centralized database for ease in reporting and to provide accessibility for all Madison departments.


Liv Goff

Director of Disbursement Services


Susie Maloney

Director of Financial Information Management


Financial Information Management staff

Accounts Receivable and Billing

Tricia Johnson

Assistant Director of Non-Sponsored Billing & Accounts Receivable


Shauna Schwantes



Capital Equipment

Cindy Gillis

Property Control Accountant


Tony Lotten

Property Control Accountant


Amy Rognsvoog

Assistant Director – Property Control


Michael Verhagen

Property Control Accountant

Cash Management

Gian Compuesto

Cash Management Accountant Senior


Janet Hamm

Cash Management Accountant


Erika Pospichal

Associate Accountant


Omar Siddiqi

Asst. Director of Cash Management & Financial Control


Maria Villaescusa

Accountant - Senior


Data and Financial Systems Management

Lindsay Blang

Budget Planner


Erik Danielson

Accountant - Senior


Lea Erickson

Assistant Director of Financial Reporting, Analysis and Systems


John Jameson

Accountant - Senior


Mary Olson



Aaron Ranke

Senior Accountant


Kayla Strohl



Gifts and Taxes

April Cook

Gifts Manager


Jose Carus Jr.

Tax Compliance and Reporting Manager


Disbursement Services Staff

Disbursement Administration

wdt_ID Staff Name Disbursement Administration Duties
1 Mark Domaszek Supervisor
2 Lisa Griesel Vendor Relations beginning with the letters A-L
3 Sandy Bolson Vendor Relations beginning with the letters M-Z ; Mail Room
4 Roseanne Hatfield Payment Creation, Fileroom, Support Services
6 Denise McDearmon Voucher Uploads
9 Sean Kirkeng Accounting
10 Andrew Waskow Accounting
11 Emma Nametz Accounting
12 Amanda Walker Accounting

Disbursements Audit

wdt_ID Staff Name Disbursement Audit Roles
1 Jennifer Roltgen Supervisor
2 Kevin McMahon Vendors beginning with the letters A-B
3 Erin Hamilton Vendors beginning with the letters A-B
4 Karie Manhart Vendors beginning with the letters C-G
5 Emily Soldner Vendors beginning with the letters H-L, Gordon Flesch and Ricoh
6 Jennifer Roltgen Vendors beginning with the letters M-R
7 Karyn Schroeder Vendors beginning with the letters S-Z, #'s
8 Juli Beard Audit - Direct Payments to Vendors/Freight
9 Zhengyu Pei Audit - Payment to Individuals (PIR)
10 Teri Anderson Audit - Accountant

Travel and Card

Graig Brooks

Expense Reimbursement Manager


Meghann Grove

Purchasing Card Program Manager


Rusty Haines

Travel and P-Card Manager


Peggy Herling

Travel and Card Transaction Auditor


General Information

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21 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715-1218

Call Accounting Services

Phone: 608-262-5748

Fax Accounting Services

(608) 262-5060 (Controller’s Office)
(608) 262-9681 (File Room)
(608) 265-9035 (Vendor Relations)