Requesting Gift Funds From UW Foundation

It is common practice to request funds donated to UW Foundation and apply them to university projects, often known as University Fund 233 projects.

How to request gift funds from UW Foundation

Step 1 – Complete the UW Foundation disbursement request form

Complete a UW Foundation Disbursement Request Form on the WFAA Advancement Resources website. After logging in, this is under the Fund Management tab, “Disbursement Request”.

Step 2 – Complete a Gift Deposit Routing Form

Complete a UW Madison Gift Deposit Routing Form.

Enter “UWF” as the donor, and leave the check number and check date blank.

Step 3 – Submit the forms to the Dean/Director/Divisional Business Office for approval

Both the UW Foundation Disbursement Request Form and the UW Madison Gift Deposit Routing Form are submitted together to the Dean/Director/Divisional Business Office (D/D/DBO) for approval.

If a new 233 project is being requested, the D/D/DBO obtains a project number and adds the project number to both forms.

Both approved forms are sent by the D/D/DBO to UW Foundation’s WFAA Help Desk at Please write “Attn: Disbursements” at the top of the email message and add to the CC line. Adding the Gift Management team to the CC line will help with preparing the gift revenue and budget journal entries more timely and efficiently, allowing quicker gift deposit arrivals into the 233 projects.

Step 4 – UW Foundation prepares and sends disbursement

UW Foundation prepares a disbursement from the UWF fund(s) indicated on the UW Foundation Disbursement Request Form. The disbursement is then sent to UW–Madison Accounting Services via ACH.

Step 5 – Gift Management routes the disbursement

Gift Management will record the revenue and corresponding budget onto the 233 project based on the information provided on the Gift Deposit Routing Form. Gift Management also records a Board of Regents notice on the 233 project, which generates a notification email sent to the Principal Investigator and department contacts.

Expense reimbursement

Visit our how-to guide for information if you need to request an expense reimbursement from UW Foundation.


Accounting Services Location

Accounting Services – Gifts
21 N. Park Street, Suite 5301
Madison, WI 53715

Accounting Services- Gift Management email

Gift Management Accountant
Oscar Garcia Romero
or via MS Teams

Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA)