About Tax Compliance and Reporting


The overall mission of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Tax Compliance Office is to promote the University’s compliance with Federal, State, and local tax laws and to act as a resource for the University community with respect to tax issues.

The Tax Compliance Office is responsible for managing tax risks and ensuring compliance with applicable tax authorities. We are committed to ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, tax laws, and reporting requirements; and to minimize UW–Madison’s tax liability.

Goals and objectives

  • Maintain proficiency and stay current on federal, state, and local tax regulations in order to provide the campus community with accurate, timely, and useful tax related information and guidance.
  • Guide, communicate, and work with the campus community on current and applicable tax compliance and reporting issues/topics.
  • Maintain the campus current on applicable tax regulations through communications via e-mail, internet web services/pages, and in-person training at all levels.
  • Provide training to the campus community relating to tax compliance and reporting issues/topics at all levels.
  • Establish working and functional relationships with the campus community and units.
  • Continue to review policies, procedures, and associated internal controls within Accounting Services, Business Services, and the UW-Madison. Also be available as a resource for UW-System as needed/requested.
  • Complete all tax reporting and year-end financial/tax reporting on schedule.
  • Report and maintain compliance with and provide UW–Madison support and leadership in the following areas:
    • Tax Documentation requirements for Payments to U.S. residents
    • Tax Documentation requirements for Payments to Nonresident Aliens
    • Tax reporting requirements and documentation (Federal, State, Local)
    • Tax reporting for U.S. residents and Nonresident Aliens payments (Honorariums, Royalties, Research Subject Payments, Scholarships/Fellowships, etc.)
    • Calendar year-end tax reporting on IRS forms 1099-MISC and 1042-S
    • State Sales Tax Issues and reporting
    • State Entertainer Tax Issues, forms (WT-11, etc.), and reporting
    • Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Issues and reporting
    • Moving Expense Tax Reporting Issues (Qualified/nonqualified expense reporting)
    • Tax reporting of Graduate and Undergraduate Educational Assistance for Employees
    • Tax reportability of payments to employees (non overnight meals, etc.)

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21 N. Park Street
Madison, WI 53715

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Jose A. Carus, Jr.
Tax Compliance Manager

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(608) 262-0582