Division of Business Services Newsletter – June 2021

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Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting Training Now Available

A recorded session is now available on the OHRD Catalog regarding the topic of Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act.  The session is approximately 26 minutes long and can be viewed on demand at your convenience.

The session includes the following material:  what foreign information is required to be reported; foreign information reporting examples; and an explanation of the excel reporting template.  This will be a great precursor for any individuals who are involved in gathering foreign contract information prior to UW-Madison’s upcoming July 2021 reporting period.

You can register for the session anytime at https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?CK=71791.

More information is also available on the Foreign Gift and Contract Reporting page of the Division of Business Services web site at https://businessservices.wisc.edu/accepting-payments/foreign-gift-and-contract-reporting/.

Supplier Additions and Changes

New Suppliers:

If you need a new supplier and cannot access the New Supplier Request page in SFS, please contact your Divisional Business Office. Someone in that office will be able to create a new supplier for you.

Supplier Changes:

If you need a change to a supplier file, please email a request to supplierfile@bussvc.wisc.edu. In the subject line include CHANGE, the supplier name and the supplier number. Please be specific about the change. Is this an order or remittance address or email address? Are we changing an address or adding a new address? Any addition or change in contact information (this includes address, phone number and email address), ACH information, name or TIN requires out of band verification which requires additional time. Please make sure to include any backup documentation (emails, invoices, etc.) that you have to verify the change.

Inactive Suppliers:

If you find a regular supplier that did not convert to the SHARE supplier file, it most likely was inactive or did not have a W-9 on file at the time of conversion. If you find an inactive supplier that has a W-9 on file that you would like activated, please email a request to supplierfile@bussvc.wisc.edu. In the subject line include ACTIVATE, the supplier name and the supplier number. We will review the supplier, and if the W-9 was on file, we can recreate the supplier. If you find a supplier that did not convert to SHARE and does not have a W-9 on file, please complete a New Supplier Request Form.


Wires Not Required for Canada

Wires are not required for payments to Canada, but all other foreign payments still require a wire.

Through research it has been determined that most banks in Canada can cash checks in USD. Due to the volume of wires and the expense to the departments we are not requiring wires to pay Suppliers in Canada anymore.


Business Services Training

The final training sessions of COVID-Cancelled Airfare and Booking New Air Travel Using the UATP Card  are available for registration at https://hr.wisc.edu/professional-development/courses/?q=covid-cancelled.

These sessions discuss the relief received from the airlines (UATP cards, ETCs, refunds, etc.) and what to expect when a new flight is booked.

And, as many of us are still working remotely, Division of Business Services training sessions continue to be available to you and your staff in a variety of platforms.

The entire list of Business Services trainings can be viewed in the OHRD catalog at https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?tabid=29&SeriesKey=202.