3077.1 Shared Customer Procedure

Shared Customer Procedure
Procedure #3077.1
Rev.: 7.1.20
Effective Date: July 1, 2020

Related Policy:  UW-3077 Non-Sponsored Centralized Accounts Receivable Policy
Functional Owner: Director of Financial Information Management
Contact: Supervisor Central AR for Non-Sponsored Billing, (608) 890-1328, Email: uwmsnar@bussvc.wisc.edu


I. Procedure Statement
II. Who is Affected by this Procedure
III. Procedure
IV. Related References
V. Revisions

I. Procedure Statement

UW-Madison Non-Sponsored AR and Billing has a shared customer file that is managed centrally by the Division of Business Services (DoBS). Departments can request new internal or external customers by submitting the Customer upload file. Customers can have multiple contacts and locations. Modifications to existing customer information including additional contacts or locations should be requested through the uwmsnar@bussvc.wisc.edu mailbox. DoBS will review each customer request to ensure compliance with export control lists such as OFAC.

II. Who is affected by this Procedure

Any department that is using Billing and Accounts Receivable modules in SFS for invoicing to non-sponsored customers either within the UW-Madison community or externally.

The SFS Accounts Receivable and Billing System is currently being rolled out to UW-Madison departments for all non-sponsored accounts receivable, including internal and external customers. The use of SFS for non-sponsored billing and receivables was launched in November of 2018 and will be introduced campus-wide in the coming months/years – unless otherwise agreed upon with the Division of Business Services.

III. Procedure

The following steps represent the overall process for requesting new customers:

  1. Fill out either the Internal or External customer upload file
  2. If the customer is already set up but a different contact or location is needed, fill out the Customer Update Form
  3. Email to DoBS at: uwmsnar@bussvc.wisc.edu
  4. DoBS will review the customer information and ensure the customer is not on any export control lists such as OFAC.
  5. DoBS will reply via email when customers have been set up.

IV. Related References

  • Internal Customer request form
  • External Customer request form
  • Customer Update form

V. Revisions

Procedure Number 3077.1
Date Approved July 1, 2020
Revision Dates Jan. 19, 2021 – Procedure number updated from 100.1 to 3077.1 in new numbering system