3031.C PCI Non-compliance Procedure

PCI Non-compliance Procedure Procedure # 3031.C Rev.: Effective Date: September 1, 2020 Related Policy: UW-3031 Credit Card Merchant Services and PCI Compliance Policy  Functional Owner: Cash Management, Business Services Contact: PCI Mailbox: pci-help@bussvc.wisc.edu Contents I. …

3077.5 Declined Payment Procedure

This procedure is for handling customer payments that have been declined for any reason including insufficient funds, closed bank accounts, etc.

3077.2 Creating a Bill Procedure

Departments are responsible for entering bills into SFS. The Division of Business Services (DoBS) will generate invoices from the bills entered. Bills can be entered as either one-time or installment. Payment terms generally will be Net30, unless an exception has been approved by DoBS.

3077.1 Shared Customer Procedure

UW-Madison Non-Sponsored AR and Billing has a shared customer file that is managed centrally by the Division of Business Services (DoBS).

COVID 19 Account Codes- FAQs

General Questions: Question: Why were separate COVID account codes created? The COVID-19 account codes were created to identify COVID activity for various reporting requirements including those from the EOC (Emergency Operations Center), UWSA Finance Response …