3031.C PCI Non-compliance Procedure

This procedure outlines the steps that occur if a merchant account is found to not be compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

3077.5 Declined Payment Procedure

This procedure is for handling customer payments that have been declined for any reason including insufficient funds, closed bank accounts, etc.

3077.2 Creating a Bill Procedure

Departments are responsible for entering bills into SFS. The Division of Business Services (DoBS) will generate invoices from the bills entered. Bills can be entered as either one-time or installment. Payment terms generally will be Net30, unless an exception has been approved by DoBS.

3077.1 Shared Customer Procedure

UW-Madison Non-Sponsored AR and Billing has a shared customer file that is managed centrally by the Division of Business Services (DoBS).

COVID 19 Account Codes- FAQs

General Questions: Question: Why were separate COVID account codes created? The COVID-19 account codes were created to identify COVID activity for various reporting requirements including those from the EOC (Emergency Operations Center), UWSA Finance Response …