Armored Car Service Change/Request

Use this form when armored car sites are requesting changes of services for removing stops, increasing stops, changing time, changing location, changing contact information, and requesting new services. A minimum of a two-day notice to Cash Management of both temporary or permanent changes. Each site requires a safe approved by Risk Management.

Download Armored Car Service Change/Request

How To Notify Cash Management of Armored Car Service Changes

Requesting changes of services for extended period of time

Canceling armored car service

  • Send an email to Cash Management at least 2 business days in advance of dates being canceled. If no notice is sent to Cash Management, your department may be charged for the armored car services fee.

Reviews and revisions

  • Cash Management reviews and approves these requests before changes occur with the armored car services
  • If a request needs to be revised, Cash Management will contact the preparer of these forms to come up with an armored car service plan which will work for both the location and campus as a whole.

Contact Cash Management with questions.