Check Register Worksheet

Download Check Register Worksheet (xlsx)


  • When using the check register, complete the top portion with the requested information.
  • The DATE column is the date the check was written.
  • The CHECK # column is for the check number, if applicable.
  • After the check has cleared the bank, place an “X” in the STATUS OF CHECK column. If a stop payment is placed on a check, place an “S” in the STATUS OF CHECK column. If a check is voided, place a “V” in the STATUS OF CHECK column.
  • Record the check recipient or vendor’s name in the PAYEE REFERENCE column. For research participants, we recommend using unique participant numbers or initials to keep names confidential. For vendors, we need their complete name.
  • Reminder: Contingent bank accounts need to submit receipts along with the check register for replenishment.
  • Reminder: Custodian Funds for research participant studies, such as replenishable bank accounts and temporary funds, need to maintain participant logs at site and obtain W-9’s per Policy UW-3005 – Payments to Research Participants.