How to Obtain Products or Equipment for Trial, Evaluation, Demonstration or Loan

ll vendors providing the University with property for evaluation, trial, or loan must complete a Product Evaluation Letter or Product Evaluation Agreement.

Insurance coverage for products offered to the University on an evaluation, trial, or loan basis is normally provided by the vendor. The University may accept the risk in certain instances as approved by Risk Management.

  1. Contact the appropriate Purchasing Agent to have a Product Evaluation Letter sent, informing the vendor of our insurance and purchasing requirements. This must be done prior to the University’s receipt of property.
  2. If the vendor requires a PO:
    • The Purchasing Agent can advise the vendor that a Product Evaluation Agreement can be prepared and sent to them in place of the PO. This is a formal agreement as opposed to the evaluation letter.
    • If this is acceptable to the vendor, the agent will prepare and process the agreement.
    • No zero dollar purchase orders (POs) can be issued for evaluation of property.
  3. If the vendor insists there is a “contractual obligation” or the department and vendor have agreed the University will accept the insurance risk, the department must contact Risk Management for approval. Additional information regarding the Risk Management requirements is available through their Property Program website (see paragraph beginning with “Borrowed Property”).