How To Obtain Shipping Services at UW-Madison

Effective June 13, 2022, the UPS express package and delivery related services contract with E&I expired. UPS is not accepting new account requests to receive E&I discounts; however, your account is automatically migrating to the NASPO contract managed by the Department of Administration. The migration was completed in early June 2022. Shipping rates may double on the upcoming contract (see FAQ below for more information).

Due to market unpredictability, users are encouraged to procure services through FedEx, UPS, and USPS to receive the best pricing.

Please refer to the user guides for information on setting up accounts, navigating the contracts, and points of contact. FedEx and UPS user guides can be found in the documents section (bottom of page) on VendorNet. You can find information about USPS in this USPS user guide (PDF).

How to obtain outbound shipping services at UW–Madison

A purchasing card (PCard) must be used to setup new accounts for express package and delivery related service payments. UW–Madison will no longer be using funding strings as payment on new accounts for these types of services.

  • For PCard information, please contact .
  • For billing plan or invoice information, please contact .
  • For service-related questions, please contact the vendor. Their contacts are provided in the user guides.

Key benefits

  • The FedEx and UPS NASPO contracts 505ENT-O22-SMLPAKGDLV-00 have a lot of buying power consolidated, so they offer the best pricing.
  • USPS is exempt from spend thresholds (best judgement, simplified bid, etc.); therefore, a contract isn’t required, so services aren’t limited to a contract term.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What changes can I expect on the upcoming UPS/NASPO Contract?
Pickup fees will be waived, and fuel surcharges capped at 7%, but all other charges and value-added services are list rates, in comparison to discounts in the previous contract. We will not receive the discounts we are accustomed to, and per package rates may double.

UPS’s Daily Rate and Service Guide, and Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service in effect at time of shipment will be incorporated into your shipping agreement. Only terms and conditions required by State law are incorporated into the contract, so most clauses we are accustomed to referencing will not be included.

What are my payment options?
If you are setting up a new account, use your PCard as the payment method.

If you have an existing account that uses another means of payment, those accounts can remain as is until further notice.

What do I do about service areas vendors cannot handle?
Please use best judgement, simplified bid, or contact purchasing services if costs exceed $50,000.

How do I find a drop box nearest to my location?
To find the nearest location to drop off your packages, please consult the following sites: UPS, FedEx, USPS.