How To Obtain Shipping Services at UW-Madison


Shipping Services per the mandatory Department of Administration Contract 505ENT-O17-SMLPAKGDLV-00.

NOTE: The State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration has an existing contract with Spee Dee Delivery (505ENT-O11-SMLPAKGDEL-01) that is mandatory for Wisconsin State Agencies. This DOA contract will limit the use of this contract by the State Agencies (i.e. DOT, DOC, DNR, etc.) to the extent that Spee Dee can provide services necessary.

*** Complete View will be discontinued as of June 1, 2017. Please email to set-up or gain access to a Campusship Account. ***

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do about service areas that UPS cannot handle, such as delivery of animals?
We understand that there are some service elements that UPS does not provide, i.e. animal transport, the transportation of some items that are considered “hazmat” or regulated items. However, UPS is able and willing to meet with any and all departments to talk to you about what you are shipping and to work with you at competitive rates to offer you service solutions meeting your needs. Our request is that you give them the opportunity to meet with you to see if they can meet your needs at prices that match your budgets.

If I’m currently using MDS to ship my UPS packages, can I still use that service?
MDS services are still available and will continue to be available to those Departments who want to continue using that service. Advantages include a one stop source for Departments who do not have equipment or staff to weigh, measure and label items for shipment. It also provides a single source for problem resolution if issues arise.

What are my payment options?
UPS Campusship online system allows users the options of using Pcard, Direct Charge and purchase orders as means of payment. The Pcard is the preferred method of payment. UPS will meet with individual departments to help set up profiles with Pcard, Direct Charge UDDS or PO numbers embedded in the profile to help avoid administrative payment issues that have come up in the past with non electronic options.

How do I find the UPS drop boxes nearest to my location?
To find the nearest UPS location to drop off your packages, please consult the Find Locations feature on the UPS Website at

Can I give my UPS account number out to others to ship documents/items where I will be paying for the shipping charges?
Yes, the UPS account number can be given to vendors or customers who want to take advantage of our rates and terms of agreement. UPS offers the added benefit of “reversing charges” in the event an account number was used inappropriately by a company or individual.

Is there any help documentation available on the UPS CampusShip program?
The CampusShip Quick Start guide is available for download as a .pdf document. For further information on this program, please contact (800-553-1118)

How To Obtain Shipping Services at UW-Madison

Getting Started:

To get setup with a UPS account number and begin shipping using CampusShip. Complete the User Setup Form. To have UPS staff come to your location to provide training, please contact Sales Representative Michael Geboy at 414-861-1368 or For UW-Madison contract information, please contact Marty Rostermundt at 608-890-3428.

Tracking/Customer Service: 800-877-1497


UPS International Support: 800-782-7892

Technical support with Worldship or CampusShip: 800-553-1118

New accounts/billing/invoicing:

(Have the following information or portion of)
-Shipping system used (Worldship/CampusShip/UW General Logon)
-Account number and ship date
-Tracking number
-UPS invoice number and date

Ordering/Expediting: 877-284-1752 extension: 7375
Invoice Information: 877-284-1752 extension: 7375
Returns: 877-284-1752 extension: 7375
Customer Service: 800-742-5877 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week)

Fax: 262-792-3588
For information on funding in your CampusShip Account, see the Accounting Services memo.

Key Benefits of Shipping Services Contract:

  • CampusShip web based shipping site enables shipping and tracking from your desktop.
  • Ability to pay via the method most convenient to your Department (Procurement Card, Purchase Order, or Direct Charge).
  • UW customers receive UW reduced rates and can use a credit card for payment, eliminating the need for paper shipping documents.
  • Custom Solutions available based on individualized customer needs.
  • Pricing on par with or better than all competitors for all services available, including inbound shipments.
  • Reliable shipping options – UPS is ranked highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates for all types of package delivery, including air and international as well as obtaining the highest rating in any category (8.0) for on-time performance from Parcel Shipping and Distribution magazine’s “2003 Annual Best Practice” carrier survey.

How To Ship A Package Using United Parcel Service (UPS) Through SHOP@UW

Make sure your package is properly labeled and attach a separate piece of paper to the package containing the following information:

  • MD account number.
  • Date.
  • Department name and address.
  • Number of packages being sent.
  • Ship to address in the body of the form including the full street address (no P.O. Box) and zip code.
  • Name of contact person.
  • Telephone number of the contact person on the bottom.
  • Additional insurance needed (only first $100 is free).
  • How it is to be shipped (ground, next day air, second day air, three day select, etc.).

Call MDS at 608/497-4400 to notify us of a package pick-up.


  • Absolutely no Hazardous shipments can be sent through Shop@UW.
  • Shop@UW cannot ship collect packages.