How To Purchase A Photocopier (Copier)

The photocopier contract is a mandatory state contract done by the Department of Administration (DOA).
Please visit the copier contract, which is divided into sections, and use the following instructions to make a selection.

  • Go to Pricing/Accessories/Machine Features, which is an Excel spreadsheet and select the volume band most appropriate for your needs or reach out to the contact person for the brand/s you are interested and have them provide a recommendation.
  • Your choices are either lease or outright purchase.  There are two machines for each band.If at all possible, visit and talk to the dealer to see the machine in action and to ask questions. Ask for references of other University departments or State agencies using the equipment.Once the appropriate copier for your needs has been selected, do an external requisition to the contractor for that model. Allow approximately two – four weeks from the time the contractor receives the order until delivery is actually made.Always include the cost for maintenance on your requisition whether you choose lease or purchase.

For questions, please contact Purchasing Services.