How to Purchase a Printing or Copying Job

The State of Wisconsin has very strict rules relating to printing services imbedded in the constitution. This being the case, purchasing a printing job is NOT intuitive. To further compound things there are mandatory state contracts through the State Department of Administration.

Regrettably faculty and staff are NOT authorized to directly purchase printing over $49.99 from outside vendors.

Printing must be ordered through Digital Printing & Publishing Services (DP&PS, formerly DoIT Printing) or University Marketing (formerly University Communications). This applies to all printing jobs, including quick copy/duplicating and photocopying.

Using University Marketing:
University Marketing works as a service bureau and does higher-end printing jobs from the bottom up, i.e. graphic design, layout, editing and working with the printing contractor.

Using DP&PS:
If you have camera ready copy, you may take the job directly to DP&PS/DoIT, which is an actual printing facility. They are capable of completing most jobs on site and also work closely with printing contractors.

Both offices are the authorized printing purchasing offices and orders to them should be processed on internal requisitions.

Using Campus Copy Centers:
Use campus copy centers to complete any duplicating jobs when possible.

Purchases Involving Purchasing Services:
Purchasing Services only handles printing related items; e.g. binders with printing, diplomas, bookbinding, imagesetting, promotional items with printing on them, etc. Orders for these items that can’t be put on a P-Card should be processed using an external requisition.

For More Information:
Refer to Printing Related and Purchasing Services – PPP5, Printing Related and Printing Purchases, for more in depth information on the printing policy. Please contact DP&PS or Purchasing Services at 608-262-1526 with questions.

Printing Resource Matrix
Printing Related and Purchasing Services – PPP5