How to Trace or Stop Payment for Non-Payroll Checks



When to Use

Proof of Payment A proof of payment is to verify if a check has been cashed. If the check has been cashed we will receive a copy of the check (front and back showing the endorsement). This process takes approximately one week. Check never received

Check stolen or lost

Vendor never received check

Stop Payment Reissue Is used if it has been over 30 days since check was sent out and vendor never received check. Or check was sent to foreign country with the wrong address.
Stop Payment A stop payment is used for a check that will be going out of our office that should not be paid. This is something that is caught before the check goes out. For this, please contact Accounting:
21 N Park St., Suite 5301
Phone: (608) 262-9681
Product not received or incomplete

Use the Check Action Form