Internal Third Party Authorization Form (Employee)

Used for authorizing internal third party payments for employees that are enrolled in a course for job-related training only.

Download Internal Third Party Authorization Form: Employee (xlsx)


This form is intended to be used for employees that are enrolled in a course for job-related training only. To qualify as job-related, the training/course must be: Required by the employer or required as a condition to the retention of an established position or status (e.g., continuing professional education courses), taken to maintain or improve skills required in the employee’s present work, or Post Grad Trainees (Post Doc trainees are non-employee).

DO NOT INCLUDE: Training taken to meet minimum educational requirements for employment; training that will qualify the employee for a new trade or business; registration fees for professional meetings, conferences, conventions, etc. Please refer to General Administrative Policy G25 for additional information about Career Related Educational Assistance.

By submitting this form you are verifying that the UW Madison employees listed qualify for job-related training reimbursement.

  1. Submit a separate form for each semester. Do not mix terms. Submit a separate form if you intend to have more than one contract for the term. Download a new spreadsheet each semester (we update the forms throughout the year). Be aware, Spring semester third party deferrals do not automatically roll over to Summer….a new Summer form must be submitted.
  2. Department Name—Refer to your last third-party invoice. The Department name listed on the authorization form you are submitting must match the name of the Department to be invoiced.
  3. Billing Address—Your department’s physical location.
  4. Contact NameContact Phone – Email—List whom we can contact for any questions pertaining to the authorization form submitted as well as the invoice. If you submit more than one contact name, the first person listed will be considered the main contact. The third-party tuition invoice will be forwarded to the email listed for the main contact.
  5. Term Code—Refer to the Term Code pattern listed on the form at the website.
  6. Indicate what the department intends to cover—Select the charges to be covered by this contract.
  7. Special Instructions— Indicate change or cancelations.
  8. Student name LAST & Student name FIRST— The name you enter on the form should match the student’s name in SIS.
  9. Campus ID— Campus ID needs to be entered for each student. We do not have access to PeopleSoft Payroll ids.
  10. List dollar limit/limitations— if applicable.
  11. If you would like to remove/cancel a student from a third-party contract:
    • It is the department’s responsibility to notify a student that their third-party contract has been canceled and that the student is now responsible to pay their tuition and fees.
    • Do not mix authorizations with cancellations on the same form; submit a separate form for cancellations only. Complete the form for cancellations using the same instructions in 2-9 above.
    • Enter cancellation & reason in the “Special Instruction” box
  12. You must save a copy of the authorization form on your local drive. When deciding on a name for the form, make reference to your department in the file name along with “TPAuth” or “TPCancel.
  13. Submit the file using the Bursar’s Office Secure Website.

How to upload your Form

  1. Go to the Bursar’s Office Secure Website
  2. Login using your NetID.
  3. Add the name of your department in the first entry box.
  4. Select “Third Party Authorization Forms”.
  5. Select the file to upload.
  6. Select “Submit Form”.

Contact Information

Bursar’s Office—Third Party Billing
333 East Campus Mall #10501
Madison, WI 53715-1383