Key Deposit Form

Use this form to submit key deposits, key returns, and key forfeitures.

Download the Key Deposit Form (Excel)


  1. On the form, select the transaction type: Key Deposit, Forfeit of Key Deposit or Refund of Key Deposit.  A separate form for each type of transaction is required.
  2. Enter Department ID.
  3. Complete Campus ID, Name, and Amount.
  4. Upload the form to the Bursar’s Office secure website.

How to upload this form

  1. Use the Bursar’s Office secure website.
  2. Login with your NetID.
  3. Add the name of your department in the first entry box.
  4. Select the “Key Deposits” button.
  5. Attach the file.
  6. Select “Upload File.”

The Bursar’s Office will receive notification once your upload is complete, and you will receive an email with the upload information. If you’re contacting our office regarding an upload file please reference the file ID number.